fading love

May 9, 2014 (4 years ago)
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You are the wind beneath my wings,yes you support me to be stronger,to be normal,to be real so that I can make everything real for both of us.
I weaken everyday for I am not getting any support,the strength that I have saved for this moment,is undeniably vanishing,I am afraid.am I at the verge of loosing you? My heart says fight,but my mind asks how? You are so distant that even my heart can no longer feel you. You often told me that I will feel in my heart the love that we have but reality has its way of telling me that its no longer working.
Questions start to ramp up,and must I say that I can no longer contain.its killing me,breaking me into dusts,I don't want to feel afraid but that's what I feel.Where are you?Where will I start looking for you?Let me feel your hugs again and devour in unending happiness whe... Read More

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