Existential Questions

May 30, 2018 (24 days ago)
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In my long years of being online, (oo na andito na ako may MIRC pa) I have observed quite a number of rhetorical questions. I have tried finding answers for them, but sadly I am still at a loss. Maybe your comments can help me find closure to these existential questions of mine:

a. If you're chatting online, isn't privacy waived? I mean, you put yourself out there to meet other people on this medium, then why answer questions with "That is privacy" (oo, mali pa ang english)

b. If you operate social media accounts, is there a rule on not sharing them for again, privacy reasons? I mean, you have them but you don't share them with everyone. Then, what's the use?

c. Can you love someone without trusting them? Shouldn't one be part of the other?

d. Will the past be ever done with you? I mean shouldn't the future be the main purpose rather than the what has been?

e. This I heard from one of the chatters a c... Read More

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