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Erotic Message (The continuation)

July 6, 2014 (3 years ago)
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He gently rolled the blanket lower to expose my body and bald pussy.

Yong 'gently touching the nips'… nawala na… nilalapirot na nya yong mga utong ko… The transition was so sudden. What I remembered from what he wrote was gentle touches… accidental touches.

He is twisting my nipples with his two fingers… nag-elevate na yong temperature ko. Pati hips ko nag elevate na rin ng konti.

Gerry: You want me to stop?
Me: No… please continue.

He placed his left hand in between my legs and touched me there. While his other finger is still playing with right nipple.

Then nagspit sya ng saliva sa palm nya at nilalaro nya yong pussy ko! It moistened the pussy! Shit ang sarap…. Ang moist ng mena massage nya down there. Then he slipped one finger inside… then another finger.. In and out of my slippery cunt.

Me: Haaaah! (Fuck! Ang sarap)

Without saying anything… he sucked my nipple while he was slipping his fingers in and out of my pussy.

(kasama pa ba to sa massage… this feels like foreplay already)

Then he opened his belt… and freed his dick!... Haaaah! It was big… Hinawakan nya yong kamay ko papunta sa dick nya.

Magkapareho yong shape ng titi nila ni Nathan. Except that his is not even fully erect yet! We already agreed prior to the massage na walang bj… so he isn’t expecting any. Though gusto nya talaga yon and wants to eat me too.

He closed his eyes to feel… the pleasure

Hanggang dito na lang ang kwento!  Di natuloy ang what would have been an all the way erotism...because of some interruption from nature (nagka red-tide yong writer!)

I was telling Nathan the story.... tawa sya ng tawa.. Alam nya kasing superstitious ako.... twice failed attempt..... Read More

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