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June 21, 2014 (3 years ago)
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There is this very interesting post in Viet Nam that I responded.

Me: Hi do you also serve other Asian ladies, not necessarily Vietnamese?

His response was:
Thank you for your email.

Yes - I do give massages - to any beautiful woman.
Massage is - or can be - a very erotic experience.
I give them because I also find it very erotic.

The woman finds it initially relaxing and soothing, but as the techniques change as the massage progresses it becomes more and more erotic.
It doesn't necessarily lead to sex - sometimes stopping short of that is the height of eroticism.
Sometimes it can lead to sex in one form or another - although that is not my intention, merely a consequence.
If and when it does it is always because the woman wants it to.

My goal is to provide a soothing and erotic, deeply satisfying experience.

Please tell me more, let me know if this is something you would like to know more about.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Me: I find touch extremely erotic too. What does your massage entail so I know what to expect? (Medyo matagal yong response… Pero nag wet ako sa reply nya.)

His response was:
What would my massage entail? That would depend on you and your wishes.
I would start with you laying naked on your bed, face down. I would have the room semi dark and some soft music playing. If you don’t have suitable music there I have some soft, late night jazz on my iPod that is perfect. I would bring headphones for you and have it play very quietly - it needs to be quiet enough for you to hear me if I talk to you, and for you to talk to me.
Possibly give me directions, instructions - telling me what feels good or not so good.
I use baby oil, I find it soft, easily absorbed and, as it is made for babies has no perfumes or unwanted additives.
I would start with long slow and gentle moves from shoulders down to the base of your spine.
This just to relax you and to get your muscles soft and pliable.
From there to your shoulders, neck and arms. From there I move to your feet and after spending time on the soles of your feet and your toes would work up your calves and slowly get to your thighs. Gently rubbing and squeezing all the way, listening and watching your reactions and tailoring everything to them.
Once I get to your thighs it starts to get a little more erotic and I imagine you beginning to respond…
I would gently part your legs - not too much, but enough to reveal you. My hands would massage your thighs, both hands on one thigh at a time.
My one hand sliding up your inner thigh, sometimes not quite going all the way, occasionally just the gentlest brush against the lips of your vagina. From there to your buttocks, kneading and pressing, sliding my oiled hands between them, brushing again against your anus and down to your vagina. The time and the amount of touching would depend entirely on your responses, or your instructions.
Then it’s time for you to turn over and a slowing down of pace.
I would stand at the top of your head and gently massage your face and neck. Moving down to your shoulders and arms, long sweeps down your torso, over and around your breasts. As your nipples respond I would rub then with the palm of my hand, perhaps even gently take them between my fingers. Perhaps even gently touch them with my tongue.
Then back to your legs…. feet calves and thighs, much as before.
My hands would work around the area between your legs, not touching, except for the occasional, gentle “accidental” brush.
From there - it would depend entirely on your response.
I could help you reach an orgasm if you wanted - that could be with my hands, with my mouth, or even with my …..

Does this sound like something you would enjoy?

Kakayanin ko kaya to? Kakayanin kaya nya makita ang hubad kong katawan ng hindi sya nadadarang... Hmmm. 

He asked when ako available.  So I told him this Tuesday after work is okay, unless something came up that requires me to work longer hours.  We exchange pictures.  I asked him what he will get out of it?

His reponse was:

I am glad that you want to go ahead with thi... Read More

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