Erotic Massage (Heto na!)

July 6, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I am a believer of it is meant to be it will be… If it doesn’t happen, there is a very good reason and don’t force it to happen. But sometimes I try to push fate... too much for some fantasy. So here it is, the day of massage. This is already a reschedule.

Before I do things, no matter how unconventional, I always asked for some signs… Signs if I go all the way or not… or signs to decide up to where I want the erotic massage to go…

The last message I get from him was. ‘I am married. Hope that is alright with you’. For which I answered, ‘Sure don’t worry’. Hmm parang hesitant din sya. Well pareho lang kami. We are total strangers.

12 noon nag ring na yong phone ko.
Gerry: I’m here at the 22nd floor in front of the elevator.
Me: One moment, I’m coming out.

I opened the door of my unit and there he is. European from Wales England, 55 years old. He is not so tall but he looks cool and professional. I’m a little uneasy. I am not used to inviting men at my lair. This is the first time. I always go to the guy’s house.

Gerry: Wow Viet Nam looks good from here.
Me: Yes, that is my view… every day.

Gerry: So Antoinette what do you do in Viet Nam? For how long are you staying here?
Me: Well I’m a finance professional and I will stay here until November. How about you? What sort of documentaries do you do? Are you staying here for good?

Gerry: One documentary I did is about American soldier who came here during the Viet Nam war, then he returned to find his son and wife. Sometime I will send you some links about my work. I am very lucky in my work I get to see places. But we are returning back to the US, that’s where I am based. So shall we start?

Me: So soon… Hmm okay.

Gerry: We should let down the blinds so it is not too bright.
Me: Okay. (binaba ko yong blinds ng window). Then I also searched for some relaxing massage music.

Tumalikod ako at hinubad na yong polo shirt ko. Then hinubad ko na rin yong pants ko. Hindi ko alam saan sya nakatingin…. Medyo shyness pala pag di mo kilala tapos hinubad mo damit. Inisip ko na lang, I’m with a doctor.

Humiga na ako sa bed ko with my bra and panty.

Gerry: Okay you should relax.
Me: Thanks I will.

Before sya nag umpisa, nagpaalam sya na tanggalin na yong bra ko. Tinanggal nya yon. Then message na nya yong back ko, kamay ko, legs for 30 minutes. Muntik na ako makatulog.

Me: Thanks it is like a service deluxe. How did you learn to do this?
Gerry: I have a friend in college who is into massage, that’s where my interest started. So every time I have a massage I pay particular attention. I love doing this to females
Me: Hmm… it is like doing a human race some service (actually walang charge yong massage nya)
Gerry: Haha.. half of the human race anyway.

After a long silence….
Gerry: Let me see you….

Then he rolled my panty slowly… Shit ito na… di na ako nagsasalita.

Confident ako sa body ko…. I have my mom’s womanly curves at the right places… and I tone it more by dancing. Sexy yong mga girls sa pamilya namin…. Most of them petite pero malalaki hinaharap (kagaya ni Gem at Lily). Yong iba naman slender at tall pero parang gitara yong hugis ng katawan. Yong iba naman dancer at performer sa Japan, they have sexy-toned body.

I lifted my body a little so he can roll my panty down easily. Nahihirapan na sya huminga at di na sya nagsasalita. Like how he described, he parted my legs a little bit, then massaged my butt. Then he asked me to roll over front view naman…..

Me: Can I cover my body with blanket!

Before he can answer, I pulled my blanket up to my neck. Sure ako! Di nya ka... Read More

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