April 8, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Turn off the lights, eyes adjusting

The silence is keeping the heavy breathing

The breeze of the night is not really helping

To stop the bodies that's currently heating

The moonlight strikes an inch of a hair

Which fumed and started the fire everywhere

Eyes starts to synchronize and started to dare

The tiger is triggered and grabs without care

The ambiance of Eros falls from the sky

The French is happening without asking why

Starting to uncover, there's no more to lie

Time will just be flocking and fly

The beast is ravishing the mountains of Eve

With kisses on top, with kisses to give

The river of Eden under bushes of leaves

Dripping and flowing from the root of a cleave

The soldier salutes, stands tall yet eaten

But comes off again and showered uneven

Basket and Volley simultaneously handled and then

Eaten and showered uneven once again

Souls are merged as the moon keeps shining

Like toys and Legos as it's perfectly fitting

Dogs are mirrored but they are not barking

Praising their Lords is what they are shouting

Coming or leaving both are true

The friction is gaining, it's red not blue

Catching some oxygen feeling sick with flu

Is this an art room? It's filled with glue

Silence is broken by the stories told... Read More

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