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Epitome of pleasure [2]

January 13, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Maikli lang. Round 2 ng isang story. I hope yu'll enjoy this as much as I did!

He brushed my hair. I was leaning on his chest. We were watching some new cartoon shows from cartoon nertwork and yeah, we were still naked.

I smiled. He did too. Signal na ata ulit yun na pwede na. Wala pang 30 minutes mula nung first round. Tiningnan ko siya ng mata sa mata, para alam niya kung gaano ko kagustong maulit yung ginawa namin. For some inexplicable reason, I am wet again and I can feel my sex stirring towards another orgasm. He cleared his throat, i could see his adam's apple move. He slowly pulled me up and kissed me torridly. I could live on his lips forever. Geez. His hands were travelling all over my body. Alam kong nanggigil siya, pero sobrang gentle ng paghaplos niya as if I was fragile. I was panting by the time he let go.

"Go get the oil, mag CCR lang ako."
"Sige." He said.

After I came back, dumapa na ako with my arms as my pillow,preparing myself for what would this experiment thing will feel like. Umupo siya sa may banda buttocks ko. He started to pour some oil on my back. Malamig. Nakakarelax, nagsimula siyang imassage ako. From my buttocks to my shoulders then back to my ass. Fucking love the feeling. Pinaghiwalay niya yung legs ko, nafefeel ko na pumusisyon din siya, ready to enter me again. Pumikit ako saglit, bit my lower lip. I could feel his erection push through and I pushed my hips against him, trying hard to let him know I wanted him bad. My sex was dripping. I couldn't figure it out. My buttocks were on fire, my face flushed, my brain scrambled by the rush of blood to my head, and all I could think about (in a very vague fashion), was how sexy I felt, how how naked and exposed and raw I felt, and much I wanted him in between my legs and fuck me crazy.

"Oh fuck" I muttered. I heard him groan. Sobrang excited akala mo first time ulit gagawin. Sarap niya talaga kumantot. Quality kung quality. Sobrang sarap kasi he was fucking me gently tapos sabay massage sa likod ko. Di ako mapakali, I thought I was going to convulse and shit. haha. Every second afterwards was rhythmic glory and my pulse raced together with our muffled moans.

"Oh M****, fuck me some more. please. Yessss. Pleaseee. Like that." 
"You like that baby? You like what I'm doing?" He was teasing me like this as he slowed down. 
"MMMM, no pleaseee. Moree." I pleaded. Haha. This is so not me. Pero walang magagawa. Sobrang sarap niya talaga e, tangina.

We repositioned ourselves, siya sa ibabaw ko. Binuksan niya ulit yung oil. Binuhos niya sa chest ko sabay lamas sa boobs ko and on my tummy. Kitang kita ko na sobrang matigas pa din yung titi niya. I laid back, wondering what I had done in life to deserve the exquisite feeling of his hot thing slowly entering my pussy as he settled into place. Sinimulan niya na ulit ako kantutin. He would speed up a little bit and then slow down for a couple of strokes then go fast again. . His body breaks in right, he speaks through his eyes, his moves says it all. Fucking amazing feeling. 

"M****, wag kang titigil. Oh fuck.Fuckity fuck." I pleaded.
"You like this baby?" 
"Of course I do, FUCK YOU, fuck me harder." He did what I said. His face was so intent. 

Maya maya, kinuha niya yung selpon ko. Alam ko na ibig niya sabihin. I unlocked my phone, toggle the camera and set it sa video. I handed it to him afterwards. He started fucking me slowly again. My eyes were closed savouring every moment. mga 40 seconds niya din hawak ang selpon ko (it was for personal purposes lang ^__^)  After that, ginilid niya tapos bumwelo lang ng konti. He kissed me and started pushing himself again. Napuno na naman yung room ng ungol. Halos wala talaga akong pakialam kung naririnig man nila yun sa labas. I grabbed his face, looked him in his eyes na parang sinasabi na he is doing it good. I bet he could feel my wetness as he plunges over me again and again. My body writhes with the un... Read More

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