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June 17, 2014 (3 years ago)
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My perfect make out rendevouz: the round eerie moon, dangling stars on slate heavens, scented candles, dark lit room, a king-size bed and of course, Enrique's music...

Then, slow, sensual body languages to abondoned dance of love, soft kisses, cuddling, nuzzling and what else?


Somebody's Me

Only a Woman


Sad Eyes

Ring my Bells

Wish I was Your Lover

Be With You



Tonight I'm Fuckin You


I Like How It Feels

"I believe love doesn't work without the physical side of things. Sex is extremely important! Sex keeps you alive... but obviously without love... I think it's a balance of both. I think too much sex can probably be bad, but just love by itself can be difficult - if you're in a relationship that can be difficult to survive. I think you need both.'' - Enrique Iglesias

A/N : Enrique Iglesias is a 39 years old Spanish-born Filipino enthincity... Read More

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