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February 5, 2016 (2 years ago)
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The contents of this blog are not scientific in nature. I am not a doctor nor anything close to medical world. I am just sharing what I have googled (I understand that some info could be just from "grey papers" since internet isn't that reliable)  these past few years and some of my personal views. I refuse to cite my sources because I am too lazy to do so. Hahalukayin ko pa ang baul ko. LOL

(The blog "Not a virgin anymore"  inspired me to post this)

This is for the couples who are sexually active but do not want to be parents, just yet.

1. A woman should know her body. Dude, this is basic. She should know her cycle; the number of days, whether sh e is regular or not, the symptoms during ovulation so on and so forth. You know what I mean; you are not a newborn baby, doll.

(Please note that menstrual cycle might change sporadically depending on the mode of your, yes sexual life. Based on my personal experience – which I do not intend to actually include here but I was grasping for a reference so-, my menstrual cycle is longer (33 days) when I am sexually dormant LOL what a vagcano (that’s because I love puns). However, when I am active it is average or shorter (28 days or less).

(In addition, A girl might miss her period after she had her first sexual encounter a.k.a deflowered a.ka. virgin, no more. That is why sometimes, there is a pregnancy scare. I suggest, women should not have sex while they are still in the process of knowing their body. Yes, you have no right to have sex when you are sixteen or younger or older. LOL just my opinion.
(Furthermore, there are conditions that might affect your menstrual cycle, like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), ovarian tumor, ovarian CA (God forbid), among other things. So you already know. ;)

2. Safe days are not really SAFE! EVEN WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR PERIOD. I was once taught that a woman is not fertile, 7 days before and after the first day of her menstruation. However, this maxim might slash your throat up, unbeknownst to you. Sperms usually live from three to 5 days, but I have read somewhere that in rare case/s, a sperm can survive up until 7 days or 10 (what the fucking hell?) Do not rely on the security of your safe days including the days when you have your period. PERIOD! You might just end up fussing about it. A baby is a blessing though.

3. Do know if it is leap year or not. Natural method entails accuracy. Okay, if you cannot be accurate, be approximate at least. Know your numbers. Stay focused. If you have decided on using the natural method, put a huge calendar inside your room for your reference.

Our youngest brother’s existence is due to my mother’s lack of sense of date. She forgot that leap year is extant. Nevertheless, we are glad to have my brother in the family. He makes us proud.

4. Contraception is not reliable. This has nothing to do with my take on RH Bill. This is plain and simple, these things such as condoms, pills, etc… etc.. are mad-made and I assume they aren’t perfect. NOBODY and NOTHING is, right? There might be some margin of errors right there (just like in statistics). So please do not indulge in quite as much. Orgasm is the best but seriously, it is still better to be safe than sorry. Not to mention the commercial brain washing to feed the pocket of the rich businessmen. And, the side effects. LOL it is up to you though, just saying. I, will not take the fucking risk. ;)

5. Do not trust thy Boyfie. I find men generally dumb and selfish (no offense meant). They will ask you, if you are on your period or not. Nevertheless, either way, they would do you (I used “they” to refer men in general and not to point out gang bang or something like that) HARD! They suck like that (not a figure of speech).

If your boyfie tells you “oo withdrawal tayo” girl, huwag basta kampante. Ask him over and over if he is about to cum. I know right? Distraction is a bitch, but it will not hurt both of you. He might indulge a little too much and forget about “family planning” even if you are not a family yet.

My point being, do not let him do you at random times. Take control! Have sex with him on your safest (but not really safe as it is) days, use a condom and force him out of your cervix once his penis is about to spit, yes! WITHDRAWAL!! Do not expect your boyfie to protect you. Protect yourself!

Yes, I am paranoid!

6. Do not trust thy shawty. If she tells you, that she's safe, and you may may cum inside her, think again bro! She might be just overwhelmed with the intense carnal pleasure that she's currently experiencing. Do not take advantage and continue with your original plan -no unwanted pregnancies. You know what to do! 

I am not that much of a feminist. Hahaha

7. I was just exaggerating when I said "do not trust". Of course you should have "trust" (not the condom) in order to create a certain relationship,whatever it is. Communicate and be open when it comes to  your preferences. Be honest. Do not lie. Be black and white.

Ex: a.  Boyfie should know his gf's cycle. 

       b. Gf should not tell her bf that it's  safe to cum inside her,unless she's 200 percent sure.

And the list goes on...

 (And have a steamy hot unlimited sex)

8. Pre-ejaculation is ejaculation! PERIOD! It can impregnate a woman, so you already know. ;)

9. Abstinence is the beast (I love puns). If you do not want to get pregnant, just yet, do not engage in penetration, at all. There are other forms of sexual activities on earth to choose from. EA fucking SY.

10. It is not bad to ask, to research and know things, before taking the plunge.

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, it is best to have sex after marriage. I am not fond of bigotry. I just think that, it is the “SAFEST” time. You will enjoy unlimited hot love making sessions without fear and inhibitions. This has nothing to do with my moral beliefs whatsoever. I am just saying. I have nothing against those who have engaged in premarital sex, who are engaging, and have plans to engage to it. Extra marital, is a different story, but who am I to judge? LOL

I have engaged in pre marital sex and I am not definitely happy about it. It is an ordeal. I could have waited but it is too late. Waiting is a little tiring, boring, and such but definitely, it will not hurt you.

To those whose cherries are not popped yet, enjoy your intact hymens. ;) Mag bas... Read More

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