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He invited me to go to one of his friend's B-day party.
They're all cool and friendly, so partied we did.
I was just shocked when he asked if I "really partied".
(if i already tried ecstacy drug). I already knew him for a
long time but it was just this time that we had the chance
to meet again. So we danced and drank. I got curious of what
they were taking. It was a pink tablet. He blatantly said that
it was ecstacy. He said that it adds to the sensation and you
will feel more "blissful". I told him: "Can I try it?"
He was reluctant at first to give me one. But after several
minutes of bickering him to give me one 'oz I wanna try, he was
forced to give me just a half tablet of the stuff. So I took it
and drank beer and tequilla. After twenty minutes, all my timidness flew
away. I was dancing like there's no tomorrow. It was dizzying at 1st
but after it takes effect, heaven! By three:thirty am I told him that I wanna go
home already. My horniness was doubled! So we called for a cab and went
to his place in Cainta. I showered and what's funny is I was like a
madman, even without music I was dancing. After the shower he told me
that I might not meet his expectations. So I was dared. The 1st thing
that I did is I kissed his lips, then his neck, his nipples, his body,
and then his dick. Iblowed him hard. After a while he said he'll
fuck me. He brought outΒ the condom. Then we did the deed. Fuck! It was amazing.
I've never beenΒ 
so horny in my life. I was shy because he said I already came several
times. When he was about to cum he removed the CD and I swallowed his
cum. OMG this is my first time that I'll be swallowing.
After I swallowed I gave him another BJ. Damn he's hard again! So we
fucked again. Then CIM again. We did that for three times! We fucked
non-stop. I came nine times and he came s* times. And that was in a span of
four hours. What's funny is I was still horny. It was a really different
sensation. So in a way I was still not satisfied. Then he told me: "I
give up! I can't keep up with you, hehehe!" He's already
drained....hahahah! SO that's why I made this story because this is the
first time that I took a tab of ecsta... Read More

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