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July 28, 2014 (3 years ago)
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i wrote this over a year ago and was posted in a blogspot somewhere.However i decided to post it here because FSS readers does not just clamor for sex stories but for essays that can give an additional information. and that is the reason why i like it here.....


Ever since I was young, I saw myself as fat even though during my college days my waistline was just twenty five inches. And I do have a flat abdomen which is the constant envy of my female friend. However I kept complaining, according to my friends back then, its because I'm was blessed enough to have the so called "endowed breast". I never saw it as a blessing, somehow I am not comfortable with it but I can't do anything about it instead accept it as it is.

I easily gain weight. And loosing it is much of an effort.  After giving birth, I was able to maintain the same twenty five inches of a waistline.  Having a husband who kept on reminding me if i gain an inch.

I started working in a barrio and the abundance of root crops and other agricultural products added to my diet.  Carbohydrates as it seems stored fats in my body.  I started to look for remedy to control the building up of that most hated bulk in my body.  I opted to drinking coffee which according to some can help me loose my weight.  Unfortunately from that twenty five inches, it rocketed to twenty nine that fast.

I began hating myself.  My undisciplined ways led me to something which I don't want to be, but then I can't help it coming.

I took diet pills, then I starve myself.  I saw some results but then it kept on coming back. Until finally I got rid of the thought of loosing weight.

"What the heck, if I'm fat, it's okay", that's how I convinced myself.

I never controlled the way I ate.  What I like I eat and feast to my hearts content.

Then I felt myself slowing down, at my age it is already difficult to burn fats.  Its showing already since my waistline is already thirty one and the breast I am trying to hide is already emphasizing its Cup B size which made me feel so disappointed.

I started to starve myself again, but I can't simply ignore the pain I felt if I have hyper-acidity attacks.

One day as I was reading, I stumbled with this technique of which I started to be interested in.

The Hara Hachi Bu, meaning, eat only until you are 80% full.  It is an  Okinawan cultural habit of calorie control. Though according to this particular diet one has to eat an antioxidant rich plant based diet...vegetables, whole grains, short it is so much like my kind of food.  The only problem is how to control myself in eating.

I need something to motivate me. After the holiday season, I found it difficult to put myself in my clothes and zipping ones pants make me cry already. I had to face the mirror and say "I must, I must, or else I'm fat, I'm fat", I kept on repeating to  myself.

The birthday of my boss proved to be my first ever encounter with " Hara Hachi Bu".  I know I had to do it, for nobody will.

According to an article about Hara Hachi Bu, stopping at 80% capacity is actually a very good strategy to avoid obesity without going hungry because the stomach's stretch receptors take about 20 minutes to tell the body that how full it really is and 20 minutes after stopping you will really feel full.

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naging napakalungkot ng aking mga nagdaang buwan kung kaya't naisipan kong manahimik...kung malungkot man ang naisusulat ko ngayon ....warm up lang yan.......sabi nga pagnasobrahan sa hagupit.....may tigreng lumalabas sa yan ay nagwawala na parang kakain ng tao........kung sa pagsusulat.....mas ninanamnam....mas maiiinit.....
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