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April 20, 2014 (4 years ago)
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I'm simple. I don't like fancy things. I'm into sports, online games, reading books. Completely a NERD, and hopeless romantic.

I read about this group chat and said that girls have a tendency to be strict. Yeah, I believe. But, at some point you'll realize that would you rather have a girl like that who checks up on you, or someone who's cold and does'nt even bothered on where you are or what you do.

We may be clingy, needy or even strict. And if you will just talk to her and be open, you'll have a win-win situation.

There was this couple, Haley and Marco. They work on the same company. They met, became friends and eventually, got married. All is well. But after 30+ years, they split up. It's just like that. Haley became depressed when Marco just went away. They have kids. They are grown up. At first they have no idea of the separation. And when they found out about it, it really broke their heart. The effect on it specially on Cess, the youngest child was drastic. Seeing her mom depressed and the thought of happy endings just fall apart. She has no one to turn to. She broke up with her boyfriend for 4 years because the thinks that all marriages will just end. Just what happened to her parents.

I may be idealistic but, breaking up should atleast never an option. There are couples who made it through the long distance relatonship, there are ones that they got cheated by their partner but never gave up.

If they just talked about it. There might be no broken families. No women who looks for love in different places nor people. If the... Read More

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