Don't Feed the Animals

August 5, 2014 (3 years ago)
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We were like lions
Purring through the dark
While the town was asleep
Our paws were scratching
Past each other's fur
Down to our flesh

We were like serpents
Shedding our skins
While the storm was on
our bodies were slithering
Over pillows and blankets
And broken bottles of beer

We were like pigs
Crying out for more
While the lust was raging
Our tongues were exploring
the spaces between our
naked, filthy, fat bodies

We were thirsty for honey
Hungry for meat
Praying for salvation

We were dying to forget
Him, slumped in bed, down from work
Her, singing lullabies at the nursery

So we purred,
We hissed,
We honked,
We screamed the whole night
Till we forgot
Till we cried
Till we rushed back home
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