do you have a garden... a secret garden?

October 18, 2013 (4 years ago)
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what if...

you don't have to go to resto-bars...

quezon av...

what if...

it's lurking in your backyard?

in your garden...

my pussy garden...

one day i stumbled upon an empty feminine wash,
inside was a genie who offered me cash,
i said i have plenty, that's the last of my needs,
so, when i freed him, instead, he gave me pussy flower seeds.

no soon was my backyard were crawled by bizzare plants,
they bore cutie flowers, that arouse your want,
the odors are soothing, you wanted to bang,
but, i could only jerk off because they were too young.

i thought it was all, until there were beards all around,
black hair, blond, brunette and red curls abound,
but what really puzzled me and kept me thinking,
in every twent-eight days, a red liquid all came flowing.

i thought it was all, until this nasty odor,
it was so foul, it can pass thru my closed door,
why, only tongue can wash them?, but i was too tired and drained,
then, suddenly all noses were rejoicing, thanks god, it rained.

now, i thought it was fun, it was all i longed for,
all day and all night, i'm screwing them all,
but one morning came, i'm dismayed what i see,
this pussy garden of mine was swarmed with PENIS-BEEs!!!

( ha-ha-ha!... it was an orgy in the garden!!!)

[ i forgot to tell you, the genie calls himself hugh hefner ]

no, don't you doubt... it's not from playboy... you can search!
its an original...graccubus  i just penned it... Read More

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