Delving Deeper Into PLAGIARISM

January 4, 2015 (3 years ago)
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I've been a lurker for quite some time now since I'm really busy with school stuff, causing me to refrain from writing stories. I'm writing this blog because of our virtual community's trending topic on plagiarism. The main goal of this blog is to shed light to the somehow confusing subject about plagiarism. I would like to provide some explanations and clarifications about the said topic.

Our admins and some pioneer members/writers posted numerous blogs which discussed the definition and basics of plagiarism. Because of that, I opted to tackle another area of plagiarism which is its scope and depth. This is brought about by a certain comment which piqued my curiosity. The said comment was posted by Sir Fiction-Factory, and to quote,
"Iba ang kinopya sa ginaya, at kung may ginayang plot, style, terms, construction, etc., ang isang writer, makokonsedera ba na plagiarism ang obra?"
It took me a while to genarate a mental note to myself after I've read the Sir FF's comment since it really is mind-boggling. Indeed, if a literary work is adapted/based/inspired from another author's work in terms of style, terminologies, construction and the likes, can it be considered as a plagiarized piece?

Before I provide my answer, I'd like to let you in on a little secret...

Not so long ago, I received a private message from our beloved admin, asking about the title of the book from which my latest erotic story entitled "Hiwaga at Pagnanasa" was inspired. To be honest, my heart was really pounding as I typed in the title of Anya Bast's book "Tempted By Two".

Every time I logged in, I always checked if my story has been flagged as plagiarized or held temporarily for further review. But I scolded myself. Why would I be worried when in fact I am pretty sure that my work is not plagiarized since I just developed one particular concept from the said book. I reassured myself that I did not violate any rule or commit any infraction. True enough, I received another private message from admin stating that he believes I did my best to follow the right thing and that plagiarism and inspiration are very tricky concepts to identify. I appreciate the fact that he made an effort to provide some links which pertains to plagiarism.

Now, going back to the question, "If a literary work is adapted/based/inspired from another author's work in terms of style, terminologies, construction and the likes, can it be considered as a plagiarized piece?

My answer would be "YES" provided that the piece indeed has resounding similarities in its plot, style, terminologies, construction, etc. Some of you might not believe it but in some cases, even if the author acknowledges that his/her work is inspired from another author's work, if he/she was not able to provide proper citation, his/her work will still be considered plagiarized. The same thing goes with improper citations in some theses/dissertations.

In conclusion, I personally believe that no two vaguely similar stories happen to just pop out of the blue simultaneously. One of them has to be preceded by the other. This could be explained by the universally accepted fact which is "individual differences". Due to this so called individual differences, in everything we do, everything we say, every task we finish, the outcome will always be different. It only... Read More

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