Deep and Meaningless

May 19, 2014 (4 years ago)
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This is my first Blog post here in FSS, and the last to feature cheesiness. Haha.

Here's a lyrics of one of my fave rock songs from the British band Rooster, so Enjoy!

"Deep And Meaningless"

I, I dont know why i miss you so much
Yeah I, I dont know why I still feel your touch
You, you left me feeling high and dry
With nothing, nothing but the question why

Yeah you, I guess you had another direction
And leaving me with nothing but a dead connection

If you call me today
Ill say that Im fine
But I bet you can tell by the tone of my voice
Its just a lie
You knew what you had
You still walked away leaving me in this mess
My love for you is deep and meaningless

You, you knew what you were doing to me
And I, I guess I was too blind to see
Well you hit where it hurt and you fooled me so bad
But I'd do it again to relive what we had
(Damn thats sad)

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Ako po si Ricky.

Tamang libog lang.
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