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This is another true story.  This is my 6th post.  I hope you enjoy this as much as you enjoyed my other posts.

This happened in 2004, I was in a relationship with a schoolmate who is 3 yrs. my junior (I move from 3 courses in college in 6yrs).  Let's call her Ingrid.  She was about 5'2", long legged, nice butt, perfectly round 34C boobs, and fair skinned.  Her barkada in high school came for a vacation from the US and invited us to dinner and a night out.  We went there and I met her highschool barkada with their bf's.  We went home at around 4am from clubbing and bar hopping.

During the weekday, Jacky, her barkada from the US invited us and some of their friends to the hotel she is staying for a sleepover.  She got two rooms which was connecting so we could just move through and through.  I didn't want to go because I was not really feeling too well but Ingrid was persistent.  She told me that Jacky was US based and that she was her best friend in hs so I agreed to go.  We packed our things and met them for dinner.  There were 8 of us (4 pairs) and share the 2 rooms.  We went out and go bar hopping and back to the hotel at around 4am either too tired or drunk so we just slept.

We had breakfast at the hotel restaurant and after breakfast, while the girls were busy chit-chatting, the guys decided to hit the pool.  I was not feeling too well (5 straight days of partying staying up whole night) and the guys were not really my close friends, I decided to go back to the room and took a nap.  Although I was tired, I wasn't able to sleep because our room was directly in front of the pool, and there were a few foreigners sun bathing just outside our veranda.  I just sit there near the window and watch the girls in their skimpy bikinis.  I was so hard that I wanted to jack off when I heard the door of the other room opened.  I didn't move but I could see them through the mirror.   I just froze from my position but my eyes were pointed at the mirror where I could see them.  Jacky took her luggage and opened it and distributed 2pc bikinis to each of the girls.  Ingrid, my gf was the first one to choose from a bunch of swimsuits.  She picked the floral two piece bikini.  Without hesitation, Ingrid took off her clothes and wore the bikini.  I tried to stand up to get a better view waiting.  I have seen Ingrid's body a lot of times, but it is just so sexy watching them take their clothes of and change.  Kim, her friend was an athletic girl, she plays volleyball and is about 5'5".  She has also long legs and has a flat stomach.  She was the next one to pick.  She chose a all-black 2pc bikini.  She took off her clothes and revealed her small boobs and big nipples.  I also noticed she had a shaved pussy although I couldn't see the pussy lips clearly, I was quiet sure it was shaved.  Nel, the other girl picked a black and white stripe bikini.  She's a little chubby and nice big boobs in proportion to her large frame.  She only put on the top since the bottom bikini she was wearing already matched the top.  Jacky was wearing her bikini already so I wasn't able to peek her gorgeous body.  She was a little chubby also but her tummy is a little firm and her butt and legs were firm also.

They continued to chit-chat inside the room and I realize that anyone would enter the other room at anytime.  I decided to move myself slowly to bed, and slowly cover myself of the sheets.  I was just waiting for them to go out and once they are out, I would jack off.  I then heard the door closed and silence was in the other room.  I hurriedly went to the toilet to do my deed there as it was the most private place of the room.  I was gently stroking myself reviewing what I saw when I heard my gf call for me.  I opened the door and saw her sitting on the bed.  She asked me if I was feeling fine and why I was not at the pool with her friends.  I told her that I was not feeling fine and I just took a nap.  Since I was in the middle of my jacking-off session, she noticed my hard-on.  She asked me if I was jacking off for which I answered that it was early morning erection.

She just smiled, pulled me to her and drop down my shorts.  My hard cock sprang like a jack-in-a-box.  She held it and stroke it to my delight.  She them put it in her mouth and gave me a blow job.  I tried to pull her and bring her to the toilet so as we can do it there to have privacy.  She told me that they playing beach volleyball outside and that they are enjoying it there, and besides, both keys are with us.  She pushed me to bed and showed off her new skimpy bikinis.  She gave a short show dancing and seducing me, slowly taking it one piece at a time.  My hard cock was ready for it.  I was lying in bed and she was standing on top of me dancing.  I told her to play with herself standing on top of me.  It was such a super sight watching an open legs with fingers playing the pussy.  I could see the pussy lips getting sore and dripping wet.  I pulled her towards me and kissed her and continued to finger fuck her.  As I always love to do, I love to spread the juice outside the lips of the pussy.  She the sit at my hard cock and let it slid inside her.  She was doing all the work pushing herself, grinding, moving her hips.  It didn't take long that I exploded inside her (she has been on pills).

We then took a shower together and she gave me a blow job.  My mind though was not about her giving me a blow job but with the beautiful sights I witness... Read More

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