Cyril Locsin - FHM 100% Hottie April 2012

April 25, 2012 (3 years ago)
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Cyril Locsin - FHM 100% Hottie April 2012You may have caught a glimpse of Cyril Locsin already.

She after all is one half of the lovely pair of girls who cavorted around in tight shirts and short shorts in that FHM-made music video for “Golddigger.” She was the one in blue.

She had surprised us during that shoot, telling us that she really only dances when she’s had a little too much to drink. This turned out to be completely untrue. She was already shaking her hips to the blaring music no sooner than we had poured her a shot. The director had set her loose. “Just feel the music,” he told Cy. Which is exactly what she did. She wasn’t Lisa Macuja by any stretch of the imagination, but she did have something that any successful performer should have: presence.

And these pictures should be enough proof. It was almost the same script during the Hottie shoot: “First time ko magpa-sexy ng ganito,” her body language seemed to project prior to the first clicks of the camera. Uh-oh, we had quietly told ourselves, “This is going to be a long shoot.”

Then she turns it on.

Like she was mererly feigning the entire time, she just suddenly turns it on. From the slightly unsure girl-next-door to all-out babe, Cy transforms in the snap of a finger. Perfect. We love a girl who has an uncanny way of overturning expectations.

When did you become aware that you were pretty?
Bata pa ko. Siguro since Grade 4. Kasi simula Grade 4 hanggang 4th year high school, muse ako lagi. Ha ha, at siyempre feel na feel ko naman! Minsan nakakasawa rin, kasi minsan gusto kong mag-run for president or vice president, pero wala eh, pang beauty lang! Siyempre may brains rin naman, no, pero hindi talaga ako naboboto sa ganun e. Ako ‘yung pinakamaganda siguro, kaya ganun.

Such humility! Now you’re going to be a Vixen, a muse for condoms. How did we get here?
Ha ha! I received a PM from a manager. Biglaan lang. I received it on a Monday, tapos the next day, go-see na. Since wala naman akong gagawin, pumunta ako. Tapos yun, nakuha ako.

Prior to that, what were you up to?
I was taking up HRM but I stopped muna after a year. And then, lots of photoshoots to build up my portfolio. Tapos, a lot of promo-girl work. Yung pinakamadalas siguro is the one I do for a cigarette brand. Dinadala kami sa mga bars, tapos we’d try to sell cigarettes. Para kaming takatak girls na sexy. Ha ha!

Interesting things tend to happen when girls like you hang out in a bar. Have any stories you’d like to share?
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