January 22, 2016 (2 years ago)
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CrossroadsShrouded mind and hazy thoughts;
Clouding my judgement, creating a cobweb,
Filled with questions, answers unknown.
Afraid of the outcome or…
Afraid of the truth, that I already know?

I gave her everything,
I gave her my all Just to make her happy,
I follow all the rules.
Yet, she left me despite of it all.
So here I am, confused and alone;
Doubting myself, baffled by questions.

Was it all my doing?
Haven't I been faithful?
Cared for her as much as I could?
Loved her as a lover would?

Who is at fault ?
Who is to blame?
What will I do?
Where am I to go?
What really matters most?

All the whys, how and what ifs
Of my meager life…
Where would it lead me,
Now that she's not with me?
I'm standing on a crossroads
With redlights across
I'd be mov... Read More

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