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August 15, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Hi, Good day! We are a young married couple in our late twenties, decent looking, educated, wild, adventurous and hot. We have been married for five years. We are currently exploring things and wanted to spice up our relationship and try something new, hot and crazy. We want our fantasy and role playing come into reality....

1. Husband wants to try threesome with 2 girls. The wife is game and willing to lick another girl's clit. She wanted to try f2f while the husband watches. She also wants to see her husband lick another girls pussy, and fucks another girl.

2. The husband wants to see his wife suck another man. He also wanted to see his wife being eaten by a hungry man.

3. Wife wants to try threesome also with 2 gents. She's into maniac, bad boy looking older guys (although sometimes she's into younger totoy type). She wants to try double penetration, sucking while being fucked. Wife gives good blowjob and already tried being butt fucked by the husband.

3. The couple also wanted to see another couple doing the deed in the same room. We are open for a soft swing with another clean, first timer couple.

Hence, we are looking for one FEMALE, one MALE or a COUPLE who can share with us one steamy hot night. Be part of our fantasy. Please send us your details (work, height, age, civil status, contact no.) and kindly attach your picture at our email: *****@yahoo.... Read More

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