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January 31, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Trevor Anderson lightly tapped on the dark wood of the conference table as he listened to the marketing expert explaining a strategy on promoting his software company.

Trevor was only 22 years old when he made his first million selling his security software to a well-known informations technology company. Now, after just two years, he has built up his software company from scratch and has now earned its own niche in the IT market already with billions of dollars in profits. Not bad for a young African American guy who just graduated from the university.

He sighed as the young female marketing officer he hired a couple of days ago spoke of social media marketing and promotions at their monthly board meeting. He hated meetings like this. He hated the stuffiness of the board room and talking shop. But he wanted his company to be successful. 

Sitting around the table are young executives like Trevor. But, because Trevor never had a taste for suits, all of his company's executives wear casual outfits at work. Except for the new marketing executive, Lina Vazquez. 

Lina's dark hair was pulled into a tight ponytail that swayed behind her back as she gestured at the words and graphs on screen. Her tight business suit barely hid her curves and her jacket showed a hint of cleavage. She exuded an air of confidence as she explained her proposal to the company's board members.

Trevor couldn't help but admire Lina's smooth, tanned skin. His eyes kept darting from her face to her cleavage. His hand unconsciously rubbed the leg of his jeans which felt a little too tight for comfort as his thoughts went from the graphs to Lina's firm buttocks.

After Lina's speech, everyone around the room looked at Trevor expectantly. 

"Well..." Trevor cleared his throat. "How much will this plan cost us?"

"About a million if we want to go global," Lina answered firmly.

Trevor smirked. "Go for it," he said. He immediately instructed his best friend and chief financial officer, Marcus Lucas to go into the details with Lina before adjourning the meeting.

From the board room, Trevor immediately headed to the programmers' station to be briefed on the bugs on their new software. 

Despite an open floor plan for his company's headquarters, Trevor still managed to provide a degree of privacy for his employees' workstations, specially for the programming and creative teams. Instead of rooms and office cubicles, some of employees work in what Trevor called as "Hives" which composed of several workstation pods. 

The headquarters also has rest and recreation facilities, as well as a relaxed environment, to help his employees get more creative without pressure. 

After, several other meetings and a late lunch, it was already 4pm when Trevor was able to sit in front of his own workstation. Feeling exhausted, he sat back on his seat and closed his eyes. 

"Marge," he called from his seat to his secretary, whose desk was just a few feet outside his own work "pod." "Please move my dinner meeting with the Google people tomorrow? I'm exhausted."

"Sure thing, Trevor," replied his young secretary.

Lina hesitated when she saw Trevor through the glass divider of his office sleeping. Despite the casual work environment and first-name-basis of all co-workers, he was still her boss and didn't want to disturb his rest.

Lina approached Marge and whisphered "Hi! Could you possibly pencil me in tomorrow morning with Trevor? I'd like to discuss with him details of the press conference."

Marge swiped to a calendar application on an iPad and bit her lip. "Sorry, I can't," she also whisphered. "He has a 9 o'clock."

Lina's face fell in disappointment. 

"But he usually comes in at 7am before everyone else," Marge grinned. "Maybe you can just arrive early as well..."

Lina thanked the secretary and headed back to her station.

The following morning, Lina arrived at the office, hoping to talk to Trevor before his day starts. She felt embarassed wearing a suit on her first board meeting with the rest in casual clothes that she carefully planned what she wore. 

A beige floral dress with a flowing skirt that fell just above her knees and a denim jacket felt like it is better for the university, but she thought that it's demure enough without being flirty in a work environment.

Dropping by Trevor's office, she was surprised to see his chair empty. So she headed to her station to print the program for the press conference. 

She passed by the copy room and was surprised to see Trevor kneeling in front of the copier, pulling crumpled paper from the machine.

Trevor looked up and blushed. "Sorry, paper jam."

Lina stood next to kneeling Trevor. "Need help?"

"Uhm…I think I got it." 

But the error light of the machine kept blinking.

"I think the jam is somewhere on this side," Lina suggested. She leaned over the copier but lost her balance, falling on top of Trevor. 

Trevor stood up to assist Lina and accidentally leaned on her, his chest pressing against her breasts. 

Before he could apologize, Lina pulled Trevor's head closer and locked her lips against his.

Lina didn't know what came over her as she suddenly felt the urgency to kiss her boss. She was surprised when Trevor pushed his tongue inside her mouth.

It has been two months since Trevor slept with a woman that he was instantly aroused when Lina's body pressed against his. Instead of apologizing, he let his dark hand caress Lina's legs underneath her skirt.

Lina, moaning against Trevor's mouth, opened her legs and guided Trevor's hand to her warm crotch. 

"Jeezus, you're wet," Trevor whispered.

"Fuck me," Lina whispered back, breathlessly.

With that invitation, and with the excitement that someone might arrive any minute, Trevor unzipped his pants and pulled out his hardened shaft. 

Her back against the copy machine, Lina pulled down her panties and hiked one leg on Trevor's hip. With one push, Trevor's cock was enveloped in Lina's slick and warm pussy. 

"Oh god, you're big!" Lina gasped as she bit Trevor on the neck.

The copy machine shook as Trevor thrust hard and fast in and out of Lina's pussy. 

"Yes, oh, yes, fuck me!" Lina said softly.

Trevor bit Lina's nipple through her dress while his hand squeezed the other. He fucked Lina's pussy with months of pent-up need.

"Oh, god! I needed this!" He whispered against Lina's breast.

Trevor felt Lina squirm beneath him as his cock touched her inner core with each thrust. He... Read More

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