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November 30, 2013 (4 years ago)
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''love! got a surprise for you :D''

''hmmm, nu un?''

''am coming there, in 2 weeks time ;) ''

''really? :D''


after the meeting with my boss informing me that am flying to US, all i thought was the stars have aligned. I immediately texted him and told him about the good news. He did seem excited. Atleast di na siya magiipon ng pambili ng ticket ko hahaha. And I was too. With the short notice, I got busy preparing my agenda sa work, schedules and which things to bring. Next, I had spend time on was planning my personal itinerary. I don't have the luxury of time to go visit places around and to see him dahil weekend lang ako pinayagan to cross states. Pwede na rin. Kaya dapat masulit ang oras. I was pressed for time. But I’ll make things happen. I always do.


''love, nabook ko na roundtrip flight mo papunta dito, still looking for a hotel pero madali na yun. i'll pick you up sa airport okay?''

''yey! all set then :). tawagan kita when i arrive sa TX, see you in 3 weeks :D''


Day of my flight

 Before I left the house, tinawagan pa niya ako. Reminding me what to do sa immigration, to be nice and all that. First time flyer wag daw ako tatanga tanga hehe. Told me what to bring since its gonna be cold and chilly pagdating ko dun. I was like a child being told all those reminders by a parent on her first day of school. Partly annoying I told him, but sweet hehe. Nagtampo pa sa akin, nag-aalala lang naman daw siya. I assured him I got everything covered.

Checking in was a breeze. Iba pala talaga ang VIP. So this is how the other half lives I said to myself while waiting at the lounge for my boarding time. Went online to kill time.

‘’love, airport na ko’’

‘’good, ingat ka, its gonna be a long flight, you’ll prolly be bored, so sleep ka na lang. or watch movies. Or drink everything they offer hahaha’’

‘’hahaha! Getting drunk is a good idea :d’’

Kwentuhan for the next few minutes, checked facebook, bloghopped and all. Mahaba-haba rin ang oras na walang internet so sulitin ko na.

‘’love , we’re boarding na. got to go.’’

‘’okay love, have a safe flight!’’


I checked my tickets again.  14 hour flight pala tong Manila to Los Angeles. And another 4 hrs to TX. What the heck will i do with all those time? My first time to fly business class and it was impressive. Money sure brings comfort. Busog pa ko since I ate sa lounge. But I didn’t pass up on what they offered onboard. Full course meal. Fruits for appetizer, salmon and white wine for main course. Ice cream, cheese and chocolate for dessert. Gluttony you say, but I ate them all.

After the sumptuous meal, I was left to do nothing. I still have my wine with me. Clicked on the tv and checked out what movies they have. Romance. Action. Tagalog. Adventure. Didn’t like any. Checked out their song playlist and  tuned in one.

The lazyboy-styled seat was perfect. I had it reclined para anytime makatulog man ako eh maayos na pwesto ko. For about 3 hours I was awake. Just lying there. And then this song played in my ears. The idea of him and me making out thousand miles about ground, in those comfy seats flashed.

Maliit lang ang area so no choice but someone to be on top. Shivers went blazing in my back. Airconditioned ang plane mind you pero parang biglang uminit. I felt the familiar feeling of being wet. Just like a grassland in the morning. Moist. The background music playing in my ears didn’t make things a lot easier. The redlight of my imagination switched on despite the darkness of the plane cabin.

I was wearing leggings underneath my yellow boho dress. I carefully removed those and had the blanket cover me entirely. Blame it on the mix of wine,temperature and sexual arousal, my left hand started to reach in between my legs. Adjusted the position of the seat using the buttons with my right hand.

At first my legs were together, but slowly parted to make things a lot accessible. I raised my right leg, enough to give my left hand room to roam around. Fingers played with the sensitive folds and bud of a woman’s anatomy. And the thought of him reaching out for me ignited the fire more. My right hand went for the twin peaks and landed on the summit. Alternately pinching and playing.

 Lifted my feet, positioned it by the bum and my knees spread apart so he can be on top of me, sucking my twins, burying his hips in mine. Fingers went in deeper, with every hump id raise my hips too.

Untamed. Careless. I continued to be ablazed by the heat inside. Next thing I know, I was shaking, finally releasing what was held up and fell asleep.

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