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Condo Transfer

April 20, 2014 (4 years ago)
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This is a work of fiction and  any resemblance to real situation is coincidental :)

Dick has long been waiting for this day. A full moon today and a lucky day to transfer home. He promised his friend Claire that he will be helping out do the transfer. Claire is moving to a new place all by herself.

Dick checked his stuff, extra shirts, rubber gloves, his toolbox just to make sure. He wore a plain colored shirt, walking shorts to be comfortable and comfortable sneakers. He folded the seats of his Innova to make space for the boxes that Claire told him they will bring. On Claire’s description of the sizes of the boxes and luggages, he felt there is no need to bring extra help.

He went to Claire’s parent’s house and at the front gate there are just two boxes and two luggage. Apparently, Claire has asked professional movers to bring the bigger stuff in advanced and what left are her personal stuff. After loading the boxes and bidding goodbyes to the family members, off they went.

At the new condo, Dick asked for a baggage trolley and was able to place all the boxes and luggage on it and proceeded directly to the room. When they opened the door, all the big stuff and boxes are already in but still in unfixed condition. The first thing they did is to position all the furniture, there is three-seater red sofa to be fixed at the wall near the window, a glass side table with a delicate lamp shade, a glass small round table for the dining place, and the queen sized bed at the bedroom which need to pushed at the center of the room. Claire loves to lie down on a big comfy bed even is she is just alone. Too bad the aircon unit has not been installed yet and only two sets of electric fan are working.

With just the two of them, doing all the work, both of them have sweated profusely. Claire is wearing a white plain shirt and blue shorts, with all the sweat on her body, Dick on his side glances can see the shirt sticking to her wet body and. Bakat na bakat ang kurba ng malulusog nitong dibdib and everytime Claire bends down to get something, Dick can’t help but look at that rounded behind.

Dick is trying very hard to put off that thought although he can feel the stiffness on his crotch area. Since the time na nasilip nya sa pawis ni Claire and yaman ng suso nito, sikip na sikip na ang harapan ng shorts nya. Good thing his shirt can cover that stiffness.

“I think this is okay for the meantime” sabi ni Claire “Labas muna tayo for merienda”

“Lalabas? Ano ka? Ang baho ko na kaya.. mamaya maglabasan mga tao “ Dick answered back. “Di gaya mo kahit pawis, parang sa pawis pa lang bangong bango na ako… hahahaha”

“Hihihi… you are really my number one fan noh?” smiled Claire

“Anong number 1? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… to the millions… hehehe “ sabay wink kay Claire

Claire pinched Dick by the side and he instinctively grabbed her hand and while playfully tickling Claire, nadulas sila and napaupo si Claire sa sofa and nahila nya sa Dick papatong sa kanya. Dick’s face right in front of Claire’s face, Dick’s crotch area, napadikit sa crotch area ni Claire, her breast nakatusok sa dibdib ni Dick.

Dick felt Claire’s breathing becoming heavy… Claire can smell the mushy scent of a man from Dick, a sweaty but clean smell arousing some heat inside her.

Claire feeling the bulges becoming hard … Dick’s crotch area becoming stiffed… pressing it harder now sa katawan ni Claire

Dick’s hand started to move sa side ni Claire, lifting her shirt… rubbing… caressing the side of her body.. reaching the side of her boobs.

More heavy breathing from Claire.. “Hmmmm, your hand is so warm…” Her body arching upward, when Dick’s fingers started to reach for her nips… inside the cup of her bra. Dick pinching her nips.

"Ooohhh… that feels good..” moans of Claire.

Second hand of Dick reaching for the other nips… Claire’s nips now being pinched… pulled gently… pinched lightly by Dick’s hand. He started to lick her neck. The tip of his tongue, licking, going around the soft skin of her neck. “Hmmm, sarap dilaan ng pawis mo … hmmmm ahhh” Dick whispered to Claire’s ears.

Claired started to pull Dick’s shirt off… and took out her tongue and licked Dick’s nips too.

“OOOOhhh… sarap nyan… kagatin mo please.. kagatin mo” Dick pleaded

Dick then started to move up Claire’s bra, revealing ang dalawang mapuputi at malulusog nyang suso. Her pink nips fully erect and seems to be inviting Dick. Dick then with his one hand holding one of her boobs, moved his mouth going to her nips. The tip of his tongue going around the tip of his nips... teasing her… touching the tip… going around the area below the nips… going back to the tip….

“AAAhHHHH…. Shiiiiit… sarap… feels so good” Claire moaning loudly

Dick’s hand started to open her shorts, pull it down and Claire readily helped out Dick take off her panty too. Dick took Claire’s one leg and placed it on his shoulders, mas kita nya ngayon ang basa nitong shaved pussy and pinkish clit.

He went down now to her pussy and started to lick it. Pinalapad nya and dila nya na parang brush paint and started to lick the slit… mula sa dulo ng baba ng slit… till the clit area… His tongue going up… down… up… down.. Slow… slow… slow… fast… fast… faster… faster…

Claire’s hand now holding Dick’s head and pushing her pussy up to meet Dick’s mouth

Pinatulis ni Dick and dila nya and started now to target her clit. Licking it now… nibbling it… licking it… nibbling it…

“Dick… ahhhh… dick…. .. I am yours… dickkkk”... Read More

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