Bored Wife's Confession (The Movie House)

November 23, 2013 (4 years ago)
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My name's Flower, and I admit that I am a bored wife. This routine of taking care of the kids’ everyday needs and my husband’s has taken its toll.

One day after my husband and kids left for their respective tasks, my cellphone rang. The number was unregistered so I took the call.

“Hi baby, Gusto kong fingerin yan puki mo pagkatapos ay sisipsipin ko ang katas sa paligid ng pekpek mo…”

I was stunned at first but I was able to turn my cell off but not before I shouted that he is a pervert. His remarks stuck in my mind which later turned into lust on my part so I went to the washroom and fingered myself till I felt spent.

Later in the afternoon as I was about to fetch the kids my cell rang again. It was a different number. As I receive the call it was the same husky, manly voice that was on the other line.

“Hi babe, bakit mo pinatay agad ang cell mo? Mainit ba ulo mo? Relax ka lang, I’ll give you a massage in your navel while I lick your…”

“Hoy gago ka, masyado kang malibog! Pero di ako nalilibugan sa mga salita mo! Mas gusto ko ang aktwal! Kaya tumigil ka na kung hindi tatawag ako ng pulis!

“So you are a horny milf! I like that. Let’s meet then! I’ll be at the MHF Theater. Call or text me the time then let’s see how it goes,” but before I could reply he turned the phone off.

The day went on as usual but I was distracted with what the mystery guy said. The idea of having a blind date was very tempting at this point. Aside from his sexy voice, call it intuition or whatever, I could sense this caller is a handsome guy which really turned me on. But my sense of duty and morality also came to mind. I am a 30-year – old married woman with a loving husband --- a family guy. I was thinking of the repercussions in case this thrill I am feeling blows in my face.

So I tried to disregard the things the mystery caller said and went on with my tasks. With my husband and the kids back, I prepared their meal and all those things that were needed to accomplish until we went to bed.

I can’t sleep. I was bothered and horny at the same time. The words whispered by the caller was making me horny until I noticed I was fingering my wet pussy. I needed a fuck so bad that I kissed my sleeping husband’s neck and massaged his back to express my need. But he just turned around and said that he had a long day and really need some sleep. I felt insulted; however, I just understood his efforts as provider of the family.

But I really needed some release right now until I remembered what the mystery caller said. I haven’t deleted his number yet so I got out of bed quietly and went to the kitchen. I dialed the number and expectedly, my mystery caller answered.

“Hello? Ikaw ba yan?”

“Yeah babes, so tuloy ba tayo?”

“O-oo. Sige payag ako. Kita tayo bukas,” my heart beat fast with my reply.

“Alright! Sige kuha ka ng ticket sa balcony. Umupo ka sa right wing, first row. Susunod ako around 11…”

“Pero paano ko malalaman na ikaw ang kausap ko pag may lumapit sa akin?”

“I’ll ask kung pwede ka. Tapos isasagot mo I’m sorry I’m with my boyfriend. Trust me, you’ll know na ako nga yun.”


“Basta you’ll know.”

“Ok sige, babay na.”

“Teka, ano ba ang suot mo?”

“Naka nighties ako at while panty.”

“Oh shit, you’re so sexy…”

“Pano mo alam?”

“Basta alam ko. Nasaan ka?”

“”Nasa dining table”

“Spread your legs baby, I need to suck that pussy…”

I can’t believe I am doing what he says. My pussy started to get moist as I inserted two fingers in my slit.

“Unnghhh! My pussy’s slippery now…!”

“Ummmhh, shlp! Ahhh! I like the taste of... Read More

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