Condo Transfer (Part 5)

September 26, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Dick’s shaft remained inside Claire’s pussy and he felt her pussy pressing on his shaft

“ahhhh Claire… hmmm shit ang muscle control mo ahhhh” with a smile on his face

Claire smiled sweetly and smacked his lips…


Claire and Dick fell asleep….

In the middle of the night, Dick woke up and with only the light coming from the full moon, she can see the angelic face and the curvy figure of Claire.  Dick thought how possible it is that an angel be at his side now.   

Carefully and gently, he caressed her hair and took some of the strands away from her nose.  Gently and slowly he planted a kiss at her cheek, at her chin, and a smack at her lips.

“Hmmmm..” murmured Claire.. “Loves, why are you awake?” she asked

“I just wanted to make sure that all of this is not a dream”, Dick answered “I can’t believe na may diosa sa tabi ko now”

Claire gave Dick her sweetest smile and slowly lifted her hand, pulled Dick’s head closer to her and planted a light kiss on his lips.   Instinctively, Dick opened Claire’s mouth his tongue,  circling it inside Claire’s mouth.  Claire, sucked Dick’s tongue and pulled his head closer.

Dick gently inserted his hand inside Claire’s blouse and mashed her breasts gently…. pinched her nips between his two fingers and slowly pulled it.

“Oohhh… you know how to make we horny loves.. hmmm “ moaned by Claire

Dick pulled Claire’s blouse off and kiss her pink nipples.  Tip of his tongue circling the tip of his nipples.  Nibbling it… sucking  gently

“Shhiiit.. it feels so good loves” with Claire arching her back and her hips gyrating

Dick moved to pull down her panty, kissing her thighs while pulling it off down her feet.  Nibbling the smooth skin… licking… kissing… going inside her inner thigh.

Slowly opening her legs, he lifted one of her legs to his shoulder.  Dick took out his tongue, using the tip of his tongue, he started to play around Claire’s clit.  Moving his tongue up and down… up and down… left and right… left and right….

“Loves… ahhhh.. more please,,, ahhhh”  Claire’s hand now cupping Dick’s head deeper to her pussy

“Ahhh ang sarap mo loves.. hmmm .. ang tamis ng juice mo hmmm” Dick whispered

Dick using both his hands opened up the lips of her pussy.  Inikot ikot nya ang dila nya sa lips ng pussy ni Claire… from time to time nibbling it.

“Ooohhh.. feels so good… ang init ng hinga mo loves” murmured Claire

Dick pressed his mouth and tongue harder sa clit ni Claire.  Kagat.. kagat… hila.. hila ng mouth and clit nya… kiss… nibble,… suck..  He can feel all Claire’s wetness coming out.

“Loves… I am coming… hmmm  sorry I can’t hold it… ahhhh” loud moans from Claire

Dick positioned his mouth and tongue right in front of her pussy and suck all the juices and cums coming out.

“Loves I want you inside..” pleaded by Claire

Dick positioned himself between her legs and holding his shaft slowly tickled Claire’s clit with its head.  Pressing on it… flicking it up and down… around the lips of her pussy… till he can feel more wetness coming out.

“Loves please… put it inside na…”

 He then slowly inserted his shaft inside… halfway, slowly pulled it out…insert again.. halfway out… in… out… in.. out…

 “Loves more… deeper please” Claire whispered

Dick lifted both her legs to his shoulders and gently inserted the whole of his shaft inside.  Slow. In…… slow… out…. slow  in… out…. in   out….

“HMMMPPP… AHHHHH OHHHH”  moans of Claire

“”Loves ang sarap mo talaga…” Dick whispered to Claire

In… out…. in… out…. little faster… in… out….in…out… faster and in..out... Read More

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