Come Monday: Love Hurts

January 17, 2016 (2 years ago)
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This is a love/lust story written exclusively for MLC.

The  first of the initial two chapters,  was posted here earlier under Stardust1949, my other handle.

Chapter  I

Baguio City,  early Monday morning,

Alex came out from a shower, careful not to wake up Lyra who  is  still asleep in bed. He  put on his clothes, his  eyes  on Lyra’s nude body   as she lays  on her back, her shapely legs spread in wild abandon, exposing her  hairy  mound,  pussy lips still slightly  agape from a long night  of delirious  sex.

He was fixing his necktie when Lyra spoke.

“What are you doing, where are you going” She asked, her voice still hoarse  from sleep.

“I  am seeing a friend. Business.” He replied.

“But….” She held back.  She knew him well enough not to argue with him.

“Will it take long?  Maybe I could go  back to sleep and wait for you.  We’ll  have lunch  and then  later  on hangout somewhere else.  It’s  too   beautiful a  Monday  for me to spend alone ”

He didn’t speak.

“Okay, if you want, we can stay here the whole  day, I wouldn’t  mind  some more loving.”  She teased.

“I  just want to be with you longer.  I’ve  really missed  you Alex.   Its been a while.”

“I’ll  be very busy here for the next two days, then I have to  fly back to Manila. “  Alex  said, not looking at Lyra.

 Lyra stared at Alex,  dumbfounded, her eyes teary. 

He is leaving her again.  She  took a day off from work to be with him much longer.  It  had  been almost two months since Alex was  in the city.  Her anger building up, Lyra struggled  to temper her emotion as she spoke.  Her voice soft.

 “Sometimes  I asked myself what I saw in  you,  what is in you that makes me stick to this one-sided  affair.  Why can’t I leave you, why  I  fool  myself  believing I  mean something to you.”  

“Damn it Alex, I don’t deserve this.”

‘Tell me, what am I to you, a convenient  lay  whenever you are in the city?

“You fuck and go.  I feel like your whore!”.

 “Lyra, what is this all about now?  I thought we were happy as things stand between us.  I thought we were okay.”

“ I thought so before.  But not anymore.”   

“Want do you  really want from me?”

“Is it too hard for you to understand?  The problem with men like you is that you  think with your balls.   You  think its all about sex.  Fuck the lady, give her an orgasm  and you own her.  Eat her pussy and she will die for you.”    

“We are much more than pussy,  much more complex than you could ever  imagine.   So complex that even we,  couldn’t  understand  ourselves sometimes. That is why I can’t understand why I   run to you  whenever you call, why I drop everything just to be with you. 

 And for what?  For this?    Lyra couldn't control her anger anymore.

“You know its not true, I really like you Lyra” Countered Alex.

She looked at him with a wry smile.

“Well, it’s not good  enough for me now.  All my life, all those damned fucking men, nobody really needed me, nobody  really cared. But at least, it was okay because I didn’t love nor needed them anyway.  They  all meant  nothing to me. It was just fun while it lasted.   No promises, no expectations.   But I want it  to be  different with you.  I want more from you.”

“ I want you  to need me, really need me.” Lyra stressed

“Lyra,  I am sorry, I don’t know what to say.  I only know I am happy when I am with you.  We’ve been happy together,  haven’t we?  All along I thought…”  he didn’t finish. 

“Maybe its my faultI  I longed for more, I  hoped for more.    I  waited..I thought that in time…”

Still naked, she got up and stood in front of him and looked straight into his eyes,  seemingly trying to read  something in the windows of his soul.    

She didn’t like what she saw.  There is no love in his eyes.

“Oh, forget it,  maybe its just my head,  its all screwed up,  muddled by stupid longings.”

She  put on her clothes.

“Lyra,  I am sorry, I …” 

She cut him off.

“Its alright, Alex,  I’ll be okay,  I’ve been  seeing a shrink to  fix this stupid head of mine".  

“And  maybe next time you call,  I won’t be coming  anymore.”

“ Not until you say you love me.”  She  emphasized.

Slowly, she turned to leave.

“Lyra,  I  really like you,  I’ve been with you much longer than anyone. I enjoy your company.  I am happy when I am with you. I like being with you.  Its just that…”

He didn’t finish.  As Lyra rushed towards the door.

“Lyra, wait ,  let me see you out.”

She slammed  the door to his face.


All the way back to Manila, Alex brooded over  Lyra’s outbursts.  He had many lovers before and even now, and they  all knew what they were getting into. Like what  Lyra said, no promises, no expectations.    

Alex let out a deep sigh “ Ah women,  give them an inch of your dick and they will  demand  for your body and soul”.  

Outside the arrival area, as Alex  waited for the car that his boss, Stella sent to fetch  him,  his thoughts were still on Lyra, unmindful of the admiring stares from several  awe-struck women.  Though he is not a fashionmag-stereotyped handsome,   Alex is a very attractive man,  very sexually  appealing in both face and body. He cuts an  imposing figure… easily  stands out  in a crowd,   tall and lean,  he moves  with feline grace.    Adding to his charm is  his total lack of self consciousness about his appearance.  


Chapter 2

The car ended up at a posh hotel in Makati City where Ms  Stella Valmori has been  waiting in bed  naked in  her luxurious suite.

Honey,  what took you so long?  We have been waiting for you?

We?  He asked as he looked around the room.

She pointed to her breasts, nipples erect,  the other hand gently rubbing her shaved pussy

” I’ve been keeping them warm for you”.   She purred.

“You said  about a meeting”  He said, somewhat irritated.

“That’s right honey, my cunt and your cock should be meeting by now,  Its been weeks since their  last meeting.  

Alex watched  in disgust as  her  matured body   writhed in  bed while she fingered  her  cunt, buttocks arching wildly.

“Get naked, come here  and screw me, damn it.”  

Alex poured  himself a drink, taking  his time  before  he undressed and  hopped in bed beside Stella who quickly grabbed his cock,   one hand  gently massaging his balls.

Later okay, let me rest for a while, I’m beat” 
Ignoring Stella’s pleading eyes,  Alex  took her hand off  his cock,  got under the comforter, turned his back on her  and closed his eyes.

"Its alright honey, we can fuck later”  How she loved him and would do anything for him.  She snuggled as close as she could get to Alex’s nude body.  

It wasn’t long before she heard Alex’s gentle snoring.    

she stood up and went to the bathroom.   In the mirror,  she studied  her nude figure.

 Her face, showed a few laugh lines, a slight crow’s feet.  Her body is still well-toned, thanks to regular aerobics, yoga  and massage therapy.  Her well-shaped breasts sagged a little,  the  pink nipples long at the center of small areolas.  Her pussy, a  plump camel toe.  Not bad for a lady of 55 summers.  She thought.

She tried to assure herself,  because lately, she could feel it coming.  She could not fool  herself anymore.  All the signs were there.    He is getting tired of her. She knew about the women  in Alex’s life.  It is an open secret in  their  business circle.    Damn it, only six months  into the affair and he seemed  to want out already.    This can’t be. I am in love with him.  I would leave my husband for him. 

As she got back in bed,  she was  thinking of something to spice up  their sexual encounters.            

She  made a call,   and  waited.


Alex was roused from sleep by gentle hands massaging  his manhood.  Tongues  flickering, caressing,  enveloping  his  shaft.   He found himself sandwiched between two  beautiful nude women feasting on his now erect cock.  Alternately licking and  sucking .

 Beside Stella is  Marianne,   her  horny stepdaughter.  Tall,  beautiful,  sexy and young .  Marianne was gagging  as she tried in vain to take in all seven inches of him.

 Alex  is  not new to this scene.  He had played this kind of game so many times before.

He pulled Marianne to him, .made her sit on his  face,  her  hairy cunt  against his mouth.  His  nose nudging her bud, his tongue snaking deep inside her sticky love hole.  He savoured  the sweet taste of  cream  inside Marianne’s  pussy.

Marianne squirmed,  grounding  her cunt harder against Alex’s face.    

Not to be undone, Stella straddled Alex.  

“Ahhhh, baby, sooo big…so hard ”  She  swooned as she  rode Alex’s  cock.  Filling her cunt hole, gaping ,  stretching it to its limit. 

Alex could  only grunt with lust,  his moaned muffled by Marianne’s  pussy against his mouth.  

 But before the ladies reached orgasm,  Alex took control.

He knelt on bed and fucked Marianne’s  mouth hard while tongue-kissing Stella.  

“Don’t’ tease honey,  fuck me now,  choose your hole”  Stella  begged as she knelt  in bed,  presenting  her well preserved ass.   

Alex obliged, immediately taking position  behind Stella ,   spread the  smooth  round cheeks  as he pointed his shaft to  its target.  

“Ahhh, easy does it, honey”  Stella  moaned as Alex’s  long  hard penis,   still glistening from Marianne’s  spit,  inched its way into her tight asshole. ….ever so slowly.

The bed shook  as  Alex’s started  thrusting …faster and  harder.  Stella’s body rocked violently from Alex’s relentless pounding.  Her asshole  tightly gripping  his engorged member.

A few more thrusts and Alex pulled out completely from Stella’s ass and shoved  it into her dripping cunt.

“Yes! Honey, give it to me…hard”   Stella cried as she backed to meet Alex’s thrusts.

Marianne laid writhing and  crooning beside Stella, her  fingers  churning her  quim.    

Just as Stella was about to explode in wild abandon,  Alex pulled out,  grabbed Marianne’s  hair and shoved his dick into her mouth again.  

“Suck it bitch!”  Marianne  lustfully obliged.  The taste of  Stella’s  juices in her mouth  inflaming her lust. 

A few more thrusts and Alex pulled out of Marianne’s mouth..

“My turn, honey” Pleaded Stella.

But Alex  had  Marianne and Stella kneeling side by side.  Presenting a back view  of  two   juicy cunts.

He fucked Marianne first.  Long and Deep.  Her pussy lips widening , the hungry love hole tightly embracing Alex’s cock, savoring its  thickness  as it went in and out . Never missing a beat.  Like a piston.  Like a machine.

“Yes,  yes…don’t stop”  Whimpered  Marianne,   feeling the surge of an impending  orgasm.

But Alex  pulled out.  Cruelly leaving Marianne hanging.

Cock still sticky from Marianne’s cunt  juice,  Alex  plugged Stella’s  asshole once more.  Pumping hard, one hand  clutchi... Read More

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