Cold Shower 3

June 11, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Cold Shower 3He looked at her incredulously. She raised an eyebrow, as if daring him to oppose her.

“You really are killing me.” He placed his hands on both sides of her waist.

He took another sharp breath when she gently ran her hands up and down his thighs to his groin. The sensations brought by her feather-light caresses had him clenching his butt cheeks and his abdomen.

She laughed.

“You better stop teasing before I forget that I’m not supposed to fuck you.”

She held his hands. As she leaned over him, her lace-clad breasts barely grazing his chest, she positioned his hands over his head.

“Don’t say bad words,” she whispered into his ear.

She straightened up. Eyes never leaving his, Mia made a show if slowly untying the silk ribbons that held her nightie together. She shook her head when he started reaching for her.

“Keep your hands there,” she ordered.

She slowly, slid the thin straps of her shoulder until the lace sleepwear dropped like a pool to her waist.

“You’re so beautiful,” Dave murmured, in awe of the beauty that was his wife.

“And you love me.” It wasn’t a question.

“And I love you.”

She took her nightgown and once again leaned over him, her bare breasts scraping his naked chest. The feel of her skin on his was a decadent pleasure.

“Let’s make you love me more,” she murmured. “Try not to rip this to pieces,” she said as she tied his hands on the wrought iron headboard with the black lace ensemble.

She rained tiny kisses on his face, giving particular attention to his jaw. Mia kissed, nipped, sucked and licked Dave from his jaw, to his chin, to his neck down towards his chest. Her hands played with his nipples. When her mouth reached his navel, she looked up at him and smiled naughtily. With her tongue, she drew, inch by torturous inch, a straight line from his navel to his jaw.

He let out a long, loud moan.

“I really like hearing you moan,” she said.

Once again, she made her way down his body. She scooted backwards so that she was straddling his hips. She reached for his hard shaft and began stroking it. Gently at first, then a screwing motion that had him bucking and moaning. She held his penis with her two hands. Each hand made a twisting motion towards the opposite direction. He felt himself almost cumming. But with a little pressure at the tip of his shaft, Mia once again denied him his climax.

“Damn it, Mia, you’re going to give me blue balls.”

He gritted his teeth as she stopped his orgasm for the sixth time. Every time, she squeezed on either the head of his penis or on his perineum, Dave felt that he was going crazy. Being denied from climaxing six times can do that to a man.

“Then we’ll just have to take care that, too,” she answered teasingly.

She crouched in front of his penis then slowly climbed up, her breast, rubbing against every inch of him. When his penis was nestled in between her plump breasts, she started moving up and down. The feel of his cock squeezed between her boobs was heaven.

“Mia…” He groaned out loud.

She ran her hands around his thigh and spread his legs wide. She looked up at him and smiled when he found him looking at her. Without breaking eye contact, she started licking the tip of his stiff cock. Dave closed his eyes and sucked his breath when she opened her mouth and sucked the bulbous head of his cock while her hands were stroking the length of his shaft.

He badly wanted to touch her as she licked and sucked him like she would a melting Popsicle. He tried not to rip his bindings.

He bucked his hips and pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. He could almost feel the tip of his shaft reaching the back of Mia’s throat. The pleasure of his manhood deep inside her warm, moist mouth drove him insane. He bucked his hips some more. And she took all of him.

“Oh, shit! Mia!” he cried, his voice hoarse. She released his cock. This time, she went for his balls.

She held them in her hand, as if weighing them, testing the feel of them. She opened her mouth and alternately suckled them while her hand was busy running up and down his shaft.

“Feel so good.” He murmured, almost incoherently, his mind dazed with pleasure and desire.

She felt her warm breath on the length of his hard cock. He moaned again when her warm mouth engulfed half of his rigid shaft.

“Holy shit!” he rasped.

Her tongue was swirling, playing with his cock. And then she started bobbing up and down. His ass was lifted off the bed when he bucked hard. She was moaning and humming while suckling his shaft. The vibrations made by the ‘hmmm” sounds she was making while sucking him up and down drove him to the edge.

“Mia, honey… I’m…” She went faster. He could no longer control it. He exploded. Instead of the usual climb, he felt himself violently catapulted to that highest peak and with the same violence, was pulled back. He shuddered hard, his essence still spurting straight into her mouth.

And damn, she didn’t let a single drop go to waste.

When his orgasm subsided, he lifted his head from the pillow and looked at the woman still sprawled on her belly, sti... Read More

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