Cold Shower 2

June 7, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Cold Shower 2Dave gritted his teeth when the cold water made contact with his skin. Most days, he would not have mind waiting for ten hours but today was different. He spent the entire day at work wishing he was home and making love to his wife all over their apartment. An entire day imagining her soft skin gliding against his, his hands caressing her curves, of burying his face in the softness of her breasts. He imagined her moans and whimpers as he worshipped every inch of her.

Damn it! He was hard again. He contemplated jacking off just to relieve himself but it didn’t feel right. He wanted Mia. And he really should stop thinking about doing anything carnal with his wife before the cold water turned his balls into shriveled prunes.

When he felt like he had cooled off enough, he grabbed the towel and walked out of the bathroom naked while rubbing his hair dry. The towel was on his head and was covering his face so he didn’t immediately saw what Mia had done with the bedroom.

The first thing that registered to him was the smell. The room was filled with the scent of lavender, Mia’s favorite. His jaw dropped when he finally saw the bedroom.

It was set for seduction. The room was lighted by a number of lavender-scented candles placed all over the room. He frowned when the familiar notes of his favorite piano music filled the air.

The erection that he tried to tamp down with a cold shower instantly came back when he saw his wife lying in their bed. She was on her side, facing him, her hand supporting her head. She was wearing a black and pink lace confection, the sweetheart neckline accentuated her plump breasts, the hemline barely covering her g-string clad pussy.

“Hey…” her smile was so seductive, so enthralling.

“What’s this?” he asked.

Mia got up from the bed and sashayed towards him. She took the towel from him, slowly and excruciatingly patted him dry. When she probably deemed him dry enough, she dropped the towel, held his hands and led him to the bead.

“Lie down on your stomach.” She ordered softly.

He obliged. “This isn’t necessary, you know.”

He felt her straddle him from behind. “I can wait, really. Not that I don’t want you, but I really can wait.”

“I know. But I want to.” She must have leaned on him because he felt her soft breasts pressed against his back. “Let me do this for you,” she whispered.

He chuckled. “You’d probably call me stupid and conked me in the head of I protest.”

“Damn right, I will. Now, just lie still and relax.”

He felt cold liquid trickle down his back. The scent of lavender filled his nostrils, lulling him to relaxation. He felt her hands on his shoulders. The pressure of her fingers on his muscles elicited a throaty groan from him. He stiffened when her hands glided down his spine towards his butt crack.

She laughed huskily. “Relax.”

She continued to apply pressure on his back, the sensual glide of her hands had his manhood stirring. He groaned when she kneaded his butt cheeks. Her hands glided from his butt to his shoulders. She was leaning on top of him.

“On your back, honey,” she whispered.

She moved to the side so he could change his position. She immediately straddled his hips when he was lying on his back. Her eyebrows arched when his shaft sprung erect.

He smiled lazily, “Can’t help it, Hon.”

He reached out to touch her breasts but she caught his hands before he could do so.

“No touching.”

She leaned over him, placing their clasped hands on either side of his head. She bit his lower lip. With her mouth slightly opened, he slid his tongue in, kissing her deeper. Their tongues dueled, their teeth scraping at each other.

She abruptly ended their kiss. “Breathe deeply, Hon.” She started applying pleasure on his shoulders, down to his chest, her hands tracing the corded muscles of his chest and abdomen. He inhaled sharply when her hands advanced to his inner thighs and pelvis. He looked down. His erection was jutting like some sort of stiff wand.

“Do you know that in Tantra, a man’s penis is called the Wand of Light?” she told him casually as she poured and rubbed lavender oil on his stiff shaft and balls.

“Yeah?” His voice came out raspy. “Is this what you’re doing?”

“Hmmm… I believe they call this Lingam.”

He took another sharp intake of breath as her hands gently rub the oil on the top of his inner thighs, gliding it towards his groin.


“Trying… so where did you learn to do this?”

“Oh you know me. I’m a research freak, remember?” With steady hands, her hands started applying pressure on his pelvic bone. He moaned when she slid her hands towards his balls.

“Oh shit, Mia…” he gasped as she massaged his balls.

“You like that?” Her voice was teasing.

“You have to ask?” He lifted his head and looked at her.

“Oh, God, you’re killing me,” he said as he felt a slight pressure in between his balls and his butt hole.

She laughed.

“Now, this…” she applied a little bit more pressure that had him lifting his pelvis off the mattress and groaning out loud, “is what they call the sacred spot.”

“Mia…” he moaned.

Finally, her hands made contact with his raging hard on. His muscles stiffened as she squeezed the base of his penis, her hands going up his shaft until she released it completely. She did the same using... Read More

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