Closet Stories: Norah (Emancipated Woman) 2

December 27, 2014 (3 years ago)
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“I’ll taste your pussy now, ma'am …” he whispered as he massages and pinches my nipples, as if I had a choice here.

Staring at the ceiling, I felt his wet tongue sliding inside and out of my slit which caused me to moan, or at least trying to moan because of the chemical that I inhaled. I was like a rag doll or a large sex mannequin at that point. I was really surpised how those passengers didn’t notice what was happening despite of the commotion and noise caused by the stranger’s lapping at my moist cunt. My eyes really turned upwards from his licking of my pussy which, though I hate to admit, was beginning to feel really good. If could only move my hands and push his face forward so he could go in deeper but as it was, I couldn’t do anything about it.

It was my first time being muffed.My husband doesn’t do this to me. I didn’t realize how good this felt. A few minutes later a warm feeling began to build up inside my tummy until I felt something exploding, coming out my pussy. Then another one and another one until I learned that it was my first experience of having multiple orgasms. I didn’t know how many times I came but what I know is that after a few moments my legs were shaking from the intense orgasm. I tried to plead that he stop now but it was useless until I saw him stood up and smiled which made sigh from relief.

I thought he was done pleasing me when he stood up and pulled my legs as my feet touched the floor so half of my body is hanging now. He knelt between my legs and pulled his jersey shorts down, revealing a semi-erect, seven inch cock.

I just stared at his cock blankly as the drug had still an effect on me. At that point I was both scared and excited at the same time. I was not even sure on how to react or feel as I stared at his handsome cock, which is longer and bigger than my ex-hubby. He began stroking his almost hard cock as he fingers and massages my pussy and tits alternaltely. When he felt that his cock is ready, he started rubbing the tip of his cock on my slt until his cockhead is glistening white with my pussy juice.

“Take my cock…” and he began thrusting his hips slowly at my pussy hole. I opened my mouth wide when I felt his bulbous cockhead entered my pussy. It stung a little when he entered – as if I was a virgin. Bearing two babies and being a bed partner of my ex-hubby after all these years would somehow made my vagina lose its tightness, but it seems I was wrong. Luckily I was still drugged because I am sure it would create a lot of commotion if I started shouting from the hard fucking.

I stared at him blankly while his sweat dripped from his face due to his hard pumping to my pussy. He really made sure his cock was thoroughly drilled inside my very wet slit. He grabbed my head and started licking and sucking my lips and tongue. I could hear his grunts beginning to get louder and louder as his cock throbbed wildly, a sign that he was almost about to come.

But as his cock started to spurt his jizz, the young stranger quickly pulled his man meat and grabbed hold at the base of his cock, his face writhing, as if he was whole body was aching.

“Not yet…I want to fuck you a bit longer ma’am…” he said, breathing through his mouth.

The he pulled me to sit straight and put my arms on the headrest seat in front. He quickly pulled my panty down as he was adjusting on his seat. His cock was still rock hard as he squeezed himself below me, adjusting his cock to find its target. Once he found my hole he held my waist and pulled me down. I thought I gave a mild moan as I felt his thickness tickling my cervix.

He thrusted his hips upward as he pulled my waist downward, causing a squishing sound on our sensitive parts. His loud grunts caused some of the passengers to turn their heads. I tried to grab their attention by making moaning loudly, hoping that they would come near us but to no avail. Some just went on with their talking, while others gave a faint smile and turned forward.

At that point I just gave up. I cannot ask them for any help now that my body was responding wildly to the young man’s advances now that he stood up and began fucking me from behind. This time his orgasm was inevitable. I could care less if they would come near us and watch the hot scene between me and this young stud.

“…coming…madame…can I come…inside your…pussy?”

I don’t know if it was instinct from pure lust, but I heard myself reply to the man’s request.

“Y-yes…you can c-come…inside…unghhh…”

The young stud began to fuck me savagely as if there was no tomorrow. His left arm embraced my waist while his right arm wildly fondled my tits until I heard the guy gave a low growl as his cum spit inside my soaking wet pussy because I also came twice before he released his load inside me.

When the last of his juice was released inside, he sat again with me still on top of him. His cock began to soften and voluntarily slipped outside my pussy. Our sweat, mixed from our recent bout, oozed from our skin. Regaining his strength, he gently lifted me up and placed me on the seat beside him.

The drug that he gave me had somehow worn off a little because I can move my arms and legs now albeit very weakly including my speech. I thought about getting the attention of the passengers again for help but dispelled the idea in the end because I thought it would be futile. If they noticed me in the first place, they would have helped me from the beginning. Besides, the stud treated me gently and never hurt me. I also finally enjoyed this little adventure I had so why care to ask again for help?

He fixed my dress and combed my hair after that. He also slipped his right hand around my waist while he placed a calling card in my hand with his left. He said that he enjoyed the random fuck, apologized for what he did before that, and promised to be more civil and gentle if he would allow me.

“And by the way, this is a fuck bus. We can do this again here if you want to. I arranged for this to happen. If you want a copy you can ask for the driver,” he explained as he pointed to the hidden cameras in the bus.

As the bus nears to the next stop, he thanked me again and gave me a strong kiss which I also did.... Read More

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