Closet Stories: Norah (Emancipated Woman)

December 26, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I am a 40 year old Filipino bank teller here in Amsterdam. After marrying a Dutch businessman, we transferred to my husband’s country, raised a family, and became a mother to two teenage kids.

But as the saying goes, some good things never last. I don’t know if my husband and I have outgrown each other in terms of love but somewhere in our relationship we just felt that its time to move on with our lives and now our papers are in the process of finalizing our separation. At least we parted ways as friends.

We live now in separate houses, the kids alternately stay with me and their dad. Though I get time to spend with them some bonding moments, they just decided that it’s better for them to spend more time with their dad, which is totally ok with me because my ex-husband needs more bonding with my kids.

I now live in Utrecht which is quite far from my working site in Amsterdam. Though I have a decent car to use, I have to call my resident mechanic that day because it won’t start so I have to ride a bus for the meantime.

After a day’s work, I went to the waiting shed and waited for the bus to arrive. It was already 6:00 in the evening when it arrived.

The bus was nearly empty; there were only fifteen to twenty passengers when I hitched the bus. The passengers, sitting in gaps, were oblivious to the people or to the surroundings as they were busy doing their own business. I was hoping to get the front seat but it was already occupied by four elderly women, two of whom are sleeping very soundly. Besides, it felt awkward for me to sit beside a passenger if the rest of the seats are very much unoccupied so I had to settle at the back of the bus.

The cool airconditioner and the soft, easy ride of the bus --- coupled by my tiredness after working twelve hours --- caused me to feel drowsy. A few minutes later I felt asleep.

Little did I know that after I closed my eyes, a young man in his 20s rode the bus after it stopped on the next terminal, and quietly sat beside me. I partly knew this because I was not fully sleeping when he sat down beside me.

Still feeling my drowsiness, I managed to ask the young man if he could sit somewhere else as the seats were still unoccupied but he refused because according to him, he is used to always sit at the end of the bus; sitting in other places makes him dizzy and he tends to vomit. I stopped the arguing right there after hearing the word “vomit”, and returned to my nap.

A few minutes passed. I was already half asleep when I felt an arm embracing my waist and a chemical-smelling hanky covering my mouth and nose. I managed to struggle and tried to scream for help but the man was strong and aggressive and kept pressing the hanky on my nose and mouth until I felt numb all over my body. Though my mind was fully awake, my body had somehow become limp and lifeless and I couldn’t do anything about it.

The next thing I saw was the young man’s face smiling at me. He was caressing my face and neck and was apologizing for what he did. He said that I was very pretty and sexy assuring me that he will not hurt me; that I will thank him later for what he will do.

He began kissing my lips while I blankly stared at him. Although I am aware of what he was doing, I couldn’t do anything about it. I couldn’t scream or shout for help --- only moans. I looked in front of the bus and hoped somebody would notice the commotion at the back seat but the passengers were still unmindful. I wondered if they were just dumb to notice anything which made me feel hopeless.

He successfully unbuttoned my dress and started caressing my round, firm breast. He pinched both my nipples which made me squirm on my seat. Without further ado he went to my left nipple and started licking my pinkish areola around, flicking the tip with his tongue and sucking hard on it.

No matter how I try to resist his advances, at the back of my mind I was starting to feel aroused by his ministrations to my breasts as he alternately lick and suck both of my nipples. I haven’t felt like this before --- even with my husband who takes sex as a duty of sorts --- to make a baby. And he does it matter of factly: he goes above me, pulls my panty down, inserts his cock, a few minutes of thrusting in and out until he comes, then goes back to his place in the bed and sleeps. No pillow talk, nothing. And he has done this for twenty years, with me naked, or semi--naked

But this young man --- a man whom I think has just reached the age of emancipation, seems to care about how I feel (except of course on the part when he stuffed my mouth and nose with his hanky.) He whispers flirty compliments at me --- that I am a pretty woman (at 40 with a 34-38-36 figure, I guess he’s on drugs), that he will make sure I will be satisfied after he fucks me, all those dirty talk. Though I am not accustomed to hearing those words, somehow it turned me on. Later I realized my panty was wet from the pussy juices that flowed from... Read More

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