Closet Stories: Chaz (Slave Me)

June 24, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Closet Stories: Chaz (Slave Me)“Uhhh…ahhh…hahhh….fuck…fuck…fuck me more!”

“Um! Um! Damn Chaz…never realized your wife is this good a fuck!

“H-hon…are you alright?”


I work as a call center agent in a foreign-based company for five years now. Although the pay the good and the benefits are stable enough to raise a family of four, I guess at this point it is not enough it seems - in my wife’s point of view at least. She believes that I should have been promoted two years ago just like she did (she works as an advertising supervisor).

Dinah, my wife, keeps nagging me about not being assertive enough to further my career. And this nagging of hers has become a ritual that I was finally fed up in the end. I just told her sarcastically that I will just have to lick my boss’s ass so that I could get the promotion she wanted.

But my wife had other plans. She just made me promise not to do anything stupid and violent so I will not lose my job and ruin my marriage.

Friday night. I was surprised as I arrive from home; the lights were off in the living room. In fact, the lighting in the house were all turned off. I was worried sick that something might have happened. I was about to call the police hotline when I heard laughter in the backyard.

“Honey…are you there?”

Walking briskly, I was surprised when I saw Dinah together with Mr. Edward Sweetlick, my boss, dipping in our makeshift pool.

My boss is a 60 year old African American who owns the company. They call him “Hitman Hearns” as his appearance is somewhat akin to the American boxing champion. Gruff and grouchy, he is always feared; his employees cow in fear everytime they see his 6'5" frame. Most of my officemates cringe whenever they see him visit and inspect the workplace. But his demeanor was different now; he appears to be affable now as his arms were wrapped around my wife’s shoulder as she sits beside him.

“Come join us Mr. Calleja…or shall I call you Chaz?”

He told me to take a chair near the pool as my wife gave me a glass of wine to cool my nerves (I admit the scene I was witnessing at that time was a bit uncomfortable for me).

The two of them talked for almost an hour I think, and they talked about everything --- from politics, families, sports, to our respective jobs.

“How many years you’ve been receiving calls again Mr. Calleja?”

“Five years sir.”

“Hm…five years is a long time for an average call operator, unless you’re content working in that level…”

“I’ve sent my application papers to the HRD every time there is an opening…”


“None of my papers were approved.”

“That’s why we need your help, Ed. I know my husband’s a good worker, a hard worker. Just give him a chance and he’ll do his best.”

“Well, I can’t just barge in the office and point fingers around just to make him get promoted you know…”

“I know Ed, but it does not hurt if you could send files from the HRD and evaluate them yourself…” Dinah’s hand began embracing and caressing Mr. S’s 37 inch tummy.

“Well…I don’t know…don’t you want to talk about it more…only the two of us?”

I can’t believe these two were talking in front of me about having a conversation without me. Come to think of it, three’s a crowd anyway.

“Honey, can you get another bottle from the fridge? This one’s almost tapped out…”

I didn’t realize how many drinks I have gulped during their talk but when I stood up, I was tipsy that I almost fell down. Luckily I was able to manage so I walked gingerly to the kitchen since it is only a few paces away from the backyard.

After taking the bottle out of the fridge, I carefully went back to the pool but before I could place the bottle on the table I stood, frozen at after seeing the two.

There they were: Mr. Sweetlick standing on the edge of the pool, his waist gyrating rhythmically as Dinah tries to suck his 9 incher down her throat but every time she tries to, she gags and spits her saliva, her eyes dripping with tears.

“Oh fuck baby, you’re so cute…trying to swallow the length of my shaft…” Mr. S said as he held my wife’s head and face fucked her which only made her gag more.

They were oblivious to their surroundings at his point and were so focused on what they were doing they almost forgot that I was standing a few feet away from them. The rage I was feeling, added by the drinks I had was a bad combination --- I could feel the heat and the numbness on my face. I wanted to stab Mr. S so badly with a corkscrew I was holding but somehow I couldn’t as I made a promise to my wife not to do anything rash. The rage I had was overcome with intense lust as I watch my wife lick and suck my boss’s cock.

“Ahhhh…oh, there you are boy…sit on the chair for a while and place the bottle on the table…ughhh…I’ll be there once I’m done…hahhhh…with your wife here…hmppp…um…um…” Mr. S said as he continuously fucks my wife’s mouth as if were a pussy.


“I guess this is slick enough…come on baby turn around for me…”

Dinah quietly did as my boss asked as she placed her hand on the edge of the pool and bend, her ass and pussy now facing Mr. Sweetlick. He began sticking his middle finger on my wife’s pussy and this made her lick her tongue, roll her eyes, and moan with pleasure.

“You want this inside you babe?”

“Ohhh…yess…I want that so badly…fuck me with your thing…”

Mr. S began rubbing his cockhead vigorously on my wife’s wet dripping slit that made her moan even louder. Luckily for her, Mr. S covered her mouth with his left hand as he rubs his cock even more.

“Here it goes baby…take it…um……”

“Ohhhhh…fuckkkk! Ahhhh…you’re making my pussy sore…ahhh!’

Inch by inch my boss’s cock sheathed my wife’s pussy as he held her narrow, fit hips. Slowly he gyrated his hips until the two got their rhythm. The sound of their sweat-drenched bodies slamming at each other just adds to the excitement building inside me.

The rage within me has reached its peak. At the back of my mind there was a feeling of regret, why did I allow this to happen. As they continue enjoying their lust, I decided to act.

“D-do you…do you like it honey?” I blurted. I was surprised how those words came out of my mouth.

“Ohhhh…like it very much….cock deep inside me tickling my cervix…fuck…. I could feel his cockhead hitting my uterus…unghhh…”

Suddenly Mr. S grabbed Dinah’s hair and pulled it towards him while held her wrists with his right hand and started fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

“Ahhh…ah…ah…I’m coming baby…do you want me to come inside you?”

“Ohhhh…ahhhh…honey…do you want Ed to come inside my pussy?”

My head throbbed like hell when I heard my wife asking me that question. I can’t do this anymore. I have to stop this.

“Y-yes…honey…you can let my boss cum inside you…”

“Unghhh…Ed…please I want your cum…please give me your cum…” said my wife whose orgasm now almost at its peak.

This is insane! My mind tells me that this is not right, that this has to stop, and yet my actions tell me differently. I am angry on what was happening in my house but at the same I enjoy it. Mr. S now savagely fucked my wife’s pussy, his orgasm. Almost coming to a close.

“Uhhh…ahhh…hahhh….fuck…fuck…fuck me more! Aaaghhhh....!”

“Um! Um! Fuck I’m coming baby…damn Chaz…never realized your wife is this good a fuck!"

“H-hon…are you alright? Cum for me baby…cum!”

“Ohhhh...Ed…your cum…give me your cum…yes…ohhh…there it is…aaaaa!”

I thought Dinah’s head would be ripped out from his body as Mr. S strongly pulled her hair, almost reaching Mr. S’s chest. She stood up straight, her body writhing and wriggling from the orgasm while Mr. S’s sperm fills her pussy. A few minutes later they locked bodies, embracing each other.

Mr. S pulled his semi-hard cock from my wife’s pussy, oozing with their mixed cum as it dripped down her legs. He then turned my wife to face him and both kissed passionately, their tongues licking and sucking each other as I watched them, jerking my cock until I came as my cum messed the floor.

“Oh. Better wipe that off honey, Ed and I might slip on that…” said my wife, as she sat down and embracing Mr. S and pinching... Read More

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