Chick Collection: Ms. A (Part 1)

April 11, 2015 (3 years ago)
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My name is Marcus.  And this was my life.  Well, my dark secret past.  Let us just say that I am of reputation now and i have semi-retired my life as a sex addict.  Why? I finally found the woman of my wettest dreams and who can satisfy my desires and make me feel contented with a life with her.  That's why I am writing my past.  Gusto ko ipamahagi ang experiences ko so other guys may find the right girl for them.  For me, I just want to get it out of my cock.  Hahaha.

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Chick Collection:  Ms. A (Part 1)

I used to travel a lot in the Philippines.  Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.  Trabaho eh.  And I love traveling to different places.  Kaya lang mas masarap if vacation ang travel, not work.  The good thing was it's all expense paid by the company.  My work is boring.  Pero the fun starts after 5 o'clock.  Kaya eto ang kwento ko tungkol kay Ms. A.

I was traveling in Cebu.  Nagstay ako sa isang hotel na walking distance from Ayala Center.  After 5 o'clock, pasyal-pasyal ako sa mall.  I got bored walking around so I went inside National Bookstore.

Now let me tell you something, mahilig ako sa books.  Wide reader, ika nga.  But mas mahilig ako sa chick and sex.  One of the best place to find a chick is sa bookstore.  Why?  Kasi most smart women with high libido and wild imagination love to read.  Hahaha.  I am pretty sure maraming babae makakasabi na "I am right!"  I realized then na most confident and independent women love erotica.  Just like FSS.

Anyway, I was inside the bookstore.  Naghahanap ng chick.  Normally, I have a criteria in my mind kung anong type ko for the day.  I was looking for a chick na maputi, long-straight hair, long legged and wearing a stiletto.  I don't know why, but i have this fetish and attraction sa babaeng naka-stiletto.  It must be my sexcapades with Ms. P., which I will tell you about in another Chick Collection Series.

Less than a minute inside National, nakita ko na ang type ko.  She was reading Cosmopolitan at the magazine section.  Tall and sexy in her 3 inch leopard print stiletto.  Perfect.

I walked towards the magazine section, stood beside her and picked an FHM.

Ang sexy nya talaga.  Oozing with sex appeal.  She is wearing a white Forever 21 dress na hanggang thigh ang length and you can see how smooth her legs was.

Now, I have made three rules to myself kung may nakita akong chick.  Number 1.  5 Second Rule.  Dapat makausap ko ang chick within 5 seconds or else it would feel awkward to her..  Ayoko isipin ng girl na nagpapa-cute lang ako but a coward.  Or baka iisipin nya na I was a stalker and a maniac na may planong hubaran siya at pagsamantalahan.  Hahaha.  To be honest, I was fantasizing to take her clothes off right there sa magazine section, devour her and make her cum.  But that will not work.  Just a fantasy.

Rule Number 2.  Make her feel comfortable immediately.  Ang chick ay never comfortable at first sight of a stranger.  Meron yan sila fight or flight defenses na nakahanda.  Lalo na kapag hotchick. 

Rule Number 3.  Touch her as soon as possible.  This might sound maniac pero it works.  When she feels comfortable, touching her would help me feel if wala na talaga ang defenses niya and she is comfortable with me.  Ready for the taking!

Ewan ko bakit ako may rules na ganito, based on experience siguro.  After so many chicks in my life, napansin ko na effective ang rules pagdating sa pagpapakilala.

So there I was sa magazine section, opening a page of FHM.

"Excuse me, can I ask you a question?"

"Huh?"  sabi ng chick.

"Pwede magtanong?"


"What do you think of women reading FHM?"

"Why?" she asked.

"Kasi natuwa lang ako dito sa article.  Isang babae wrote na she loves reading FHM and looks forward to her monthly copy."

She laughed.

"Maganda naman FHM minsan."

"Nagbabasa ka din?"

"Oo naman." she said with a smile.

"May collection ka din?"

"Hindi, ah.  Pero may collection ex-boyfriend ko."

Hmmmm.  Napaisip ako tuloy.  Ex-boyfriend.  She is telling me ba na available siya at the moment?  Perfect.

"So ano favorite section na gusto mo basahin?"

"Madami."  still smiling.

"Yung mga confessions?"  I asked.

"Yeah"  she nods.

"Sex st... Read More

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