Chick Collection: Ms. A (Part 2)

April 11, 2015 (2 years ago)
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My name is Marcus. And this was my life. Well, my dark secret past. Let us just say that I am of reputation now and i have semi-retired my life as a sex addict. Why? I finally found the woman of my wettest dreams and who can satisfy my desires and make me feel contented with a life with her. That's why I am writing my past. Gusto ko ipamahagi ang experiences ko so other guys may find the right girl for them. For me, I just want to get it out of my cock. Hahaha.

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Chick Collection: Ms. A (Part 2)

So there we were talking at National Bookstore. I was still holding her hand. and she did not show any hint of taking of it away. I asked her several questions, talked about her opinions and feelings and showed real interest in her words.

I don't normally ask girls about their school, work or where they are from. It may get boring and she may lose interest in the subject. I ask her questions that interests me. And what interests me are their fantasies, their dreams and their secrets.

"Do you like reading books? You look like someone who loves books." I asked her.

"Yeah, I do. Madami ako books sa bahay."

"Really, That's nice. Come here." I pulled her closer to me and tried to give her a friendly hug. "I'm happy nakakita ako ng book reader katulad ko. Deserve mo ang hug."

She laughed though she showed some hesitations sa hug. But it does not matter, I know she still has some defenses in her. Or she hesitated because I can feel her breasts in my chest when I hugged her.

It was a quick hug. Testing the waters lang. And I know I still have to tread some more.

"Sinong mga authors an gusto mo?"

"Iba-iba. Usually mga novels."

"Let me guess. Nicholas Sparks?"


"Sandra Brown? Danielle Steele?"

"Hahaha. Bakit mo alam?"

"Kasi nagbabasa din ako, di ba."

"Pang babae kaya yun."

"I know. Pero maganda kasi mga sex scenes. Hahaha."

"I am sure nabasa mo na lahat ng 50 Shades."

"Hahaha. Nabasa na nga." she laughed.

"Grabe mga sex scenes. Exciting."

"Loko ka."

We talked about the play room and the intensity of the sex.

"Are you going to stay here sa National?" I asked her after a brief silence. "Kasi, I'm suppose to meet a friend pero wala pa siya. And medyo nagugutom na ako."

"Kumain ka muna. Gusto mo samahan kita? Libre mo ko." She hinted.

"I don't usually go on a date with a stranger on the first day." Biro ko. I said that para she will not think I am an easy and needy guy. Based on experience and based on what my other girl friends tell me, gusto ng mga babae magpapalibre to test the guy's submission. Kahit daw wala sila interest sa lalaki, they do it just to have fun or to see if kakagat ang guy. They can sense when the guy becomes desperate and hooked sa kanila. The next thing, the guy will be buying anything for her. Hahaha. And when the guy starts going down on his knees para manligaw na, they tell the guy directly or indirectly to be just friends. Especially when they are not interested. After all the guy's investment, friends lang pala? Hahaha. Women are good.

"Let's have coffee. Baka magdinner kami mamaya." I was telling her indirectly that I am not buying her dinner. Hahaha. Another rule. Do not spend money before the sex.

I was leading her out of the bookstore and going to the far end of the mall - Bo's Coffee. Hawak hawak ko pa din kamay niya and she was now holding my hand back.

"Hey, you have something in your cheek." I put my hand in her face and tried to rub something from her cheek with my thumb.

"Ano yun?" She was curious.

"I am not sure. Pero wala na."


"Actually, gusto ko lang ma-feel ang face mo. Ang smooth. Wala ako ma-feel na pimples."

"Praning ka." and she was laughing while slapping my chest. Hmmmm... now she is comfortable touching me. This is good.

I offered my hand and she obliged to hold it again.

At the coffee shop, while waiting to order, I transferred her hand to my left hand and placed her in front of me. I hooked my right arm in her waist and pulled her closer to me. She obliged again.

She might not know it but I am rock hard inside my slacks. I pulled her even closer and stealthily rub my cock in her behind. I am pretty sure she can feel my cock. But she did not show any action of backing out. Instead, she hold my right hand with her right.

"Alam mo, ang bango mo?" I started flirting. I place my head near her ear. "Victoria's Secret?"

"Dami mo alam ah." She commented.

"Wala lang, feeling ko kasi I know you and I know what you like and what you want. I like that in a girl."

"Babaero ka siguro!" she blurted.

I did not answer her. Instead, I let go of her hand. Let go of her waist. And pretended to check on my cellphone.

Beautiful women needs to learn to respect men. And I must show her to respect me. Akala nila they can say anything they want and get away with it. This is my form of punishment to her. And I can sense that she was guilty.

Here is another rule. Show the girl that you are the man. Show that you are not the needy type and they will respect you. Women like guys who are confident and have a strong personality. So they try to test any man's limit. It's a pass or fail test for them. Women might not know they are consciously doing it but that is in their genes. Looking for the stronger man, the protector, the provider. I have no intention of failing her tests nor falling in her traps.

When we were next in line, I excused myself to go to the rest room. I asked her to buy me a brewed coffee. i did this on purpose. I want her to show me that she is sorry. To make up for her mistake. And she has to pay for the coffee. She is being punished. Hahaha.

When I returned, she was already sitting at a corner table with coffee and a cake.

I put a chair beside her and sat.

"Thanks." Looking at the coffee and cake.

"Sorry ha. Galit ka?" Joke lang yun sinabi ko na babaero ka." Her eyes were really apologetic. Hahaha. I was laughing inside. Women are so gullible. Ayaw nila magkamali.

"It's okay. Di naman ako galit. Nabigla lang ako. I was liking you. You are fun to talk with. Nag-eenjoy ako. Masarap ka kasama. Interesting. Hindi boring."

"Me too. Nag-eenjoy ako." She smiles.

More than an hour has passed already since we meet and she is telling me she likes me. Awesome.

We had a great time at the coffee shop. I offered to pay her back sa coffee and she declined. Isn't that great. Free coffee and cake.

Anyway, I told her something that would make her look forward to seeing me again. "Ako magbabayad sa next date natin."

"I have a question." breaking the ice.

"Ano yun"

"Actually, it's a survey I read in some magazine. I want your honest answer."

"Ano nga?" She was very curious.

"According to the survey, 80 percent of women masturbate in the shower while 20 percent sings. Do you know the song they sing?"

She paused a bit and said, "No."

"Hahaha, kasama ka pala sa 80 percent."

"Hahaha. Loko ka"

"Do you? Aminin" I was smirking.

"Hahaha. Nope, I don't."

"Really?" I was frustrated.

"Not in the shower. Hahaha."

"Hmmmm. Bedroom girl. I like that. You are so honest. Come here." I pulled her closer to me again, this time naka-akbay na ako.

I whispered in her ear. "Ang ganda mo. You are sexy. I am thinking right now what you are doing in your bed?" I am now hinting sex. And I want to take her.

She laughed. She slapped my chest. I kissed her cheek.

"Kiss me." I demanded softly.

"Huh?" She hesitated.

"I want to know if you are a good kisser." I joked.

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