Chick Collection: Ms. P (Part 1)

May 28, 2015 (2 years ago)
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My name is Marcus. And this was my life. Well, my dark secret past. Let us just say that I am of reputation now and i have semi-retired my life as a sex addict. Maraming salamat sa maraming comments on my previous story - Chick Collection: Ms. A.


Chick Collection: Ms. P.

"Hi. Musta?" text ko si Ms. P.
"Hoy. Saan ka? Cebu?" reply niya sa akin after a few minutes.
"Yup. Nasa Parklane."
"Since wen?" she asked.
"2 nyts ago."
"Hmmmm. Bkt now lang nagtxt? Bc ka na naman sa iba."
"Hahaha. Di naman gaano. Busy lang sa work."
"Work o workout sa chicks."
"Hahaha. Alam mo na."
"Just woke up. Im going swimming later sa Parklane. Mamaya pa gabi work ko. C u later?" she hinted.
"Great. Daanan kita sa pool pagdating ko." reply ko.

Ms. P is Ms. Pornstar. Yan ang gusto niyang tawag ko sa kanya. She is my fubu for so many years. When I am in Cebu, I always let her know. She always want to hook up everytime. Sabi nga nya, "nakaka-addict ang sex namin." I cannot believe we are reaching our 10th year of fubuhood.

Bakit Ms. Pornstar ang tawag ko sa kanya? Well, mahaba-habang kuwentuhan yan. Buti na lang walang limit ang FSS.

Let me tell you our story.

Ten years ago, nung wala pang iphone, facebook and skype, nakilala ko si Ms. P sa mIRC. That's right, chatter ako nun college. Uso pa noon ang friendster, ym at cf. Dahil sa pagkachatter ko, I learn a lot about women, especially their desires and how they wanted to be desired. Dahil sa chat, madami akong natutunang observations sa mga sexy chicks.

Observation No. 1: Confident women prefers more confident men.

One night after school, I decided to log on mIRC to pass away the boredom. This is my dilemma when I get bored, I crave for sex and excitement.

"xxx_marcuss_xxx: r u shaved?"

This is usually my line when I was looking for sexcitement. Based on experience, 7 out of 10 women respond positively on this and 5 of that 7 are highly confident ladies who are comfortable with their sexuality and activity. Women who shave, wax or trim their pussy hairs are mostly hot and sensuous ladies who are libidinous with their sexuality.

"Ms.P: hahaha. yes." she responded to my chat.
"xxx_marcuss_xxx: shaved all?"
"Ms.P: yes."
"xxx_marcuss_xxx: nice. I like that." I showed my appreciation.

When I feel horny and look for sexcitement, I make sure that the woman I pick knows what I want. No more beating around the bush. Target agad. But I make sure I do not sound arrogant and disgusting. When they respond, they already know what they are getting. Their mind are most likely aroused with hot, steamy sex.

"xxx_marcuss_xxx: do u like to be licked?"
"Ms.P: lol. u r so direct?"
"xxx_marcuss_xxx: u dont like direct men?"
"Ms.P: I usually dont. Ayoko ng bastos."
"xxx_marcuss_xxx: hmmmm... eh medyo bastos ako."
"Ms.P: u r. but ur approach is diff."
"xxx_marcuss_xxx: wen was the last time u r lickd?"
"Ms.P: 2 mo. Before i broke up with my ex."

I was literally trying to see kung hanggang saan ang limit ng pagkabastos na ayaw niya. Yet here she is, voluntarily telling me that she is available. Indirectly telling me that she misses the orgasmic feeling of being desired. I am pretty cocksure that she is into me now. Hooked and ready for the picking.
Or maybe it is just my over-confident imagination. Who knows.

"xxx_marcuss_xxx: do u know that there is one very distinct part of ur pussy that u wud love to be licked and touchd?
"Ms.P: hahaha. I love to be lickd in all part."

Now she is playing with me.

"xxx_marcuss_xxx: really. u must get a lot of licking."

Long awkward silence. She must be pissed at me. Or she just went away and piss.

"xxx_marcuss_xxx: do u mas2rb8?"

Taking the limit up a notch.

"Ms.P: lol. Yes"

She is back. She is not furious. She is practically excited.

"xxx_marcuss_xxx: u must be sexy."
"Ms.P: y do u say so?"
"xxx_marcuss_xxx: Women who shave and knows how to pleasure themselves feel sexy and flirtatious with their body."
"Ms.P: Lol. Maybe I am. My ex tells me so."
"xxx_marcuss_xxx: Sexiness is a state of mind. Being sexy is being confident with ur body."
"Ms.P: right. lol"
"xxx_marcuss_xxx: wat r u wearing?"
"Ms.P: tshirt and shorts."
"xxx_marcuss_xxx: no bra?"
"Ms.P: I dont wear bra in my room."

She is already showing me a lot of signs of interests. She knows bastos ako yet she is giving herself in.

"xxx_marcuss_xxx: really. nice. Im sure ur nipples r erect now."

I was playing with her interests.

"Ms.P: lol. u have a naughty imagination."
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