Chick Collection: Ms. A (Part 3)

April 12, 2015 (2 years ago)
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My name is Marcus. And this was my life. Well, my dark secret past. Let us just say that I am of reputation now and i have semi-retired my life as a sex addict. Why? I finally found the woman of my wettest dreams and who can satisfy my desires and make me feel contented with a life with her. That's why I am writing my past. Gusto ko ipamahagi ang experiences ko so other guys may find the right girl for them. For me, I just want to get it out of my cock. Hahaha.

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Chick Collection: Ms. A (Part 3)

The first sex is not always great!

Hindi basta-basta naglalabas ng kalibugan ang babae sa first sex. Its the job of the guy to create a lasting impression that the woman would crave for. Eto ang sabi sa akin ni Ms. W.

So there we were walking along the street going to Parklane Hotel. I can sense Ms. A's hesitation. She was a bit scared. Siguro dahil hindi niya ginagawa ang instadate then instasex. It has been 3 hours since we met. Now we are going to the hotel. I can sense that. And I respect women for doubting a stranger.

"I like you. Attracted ako sa beauty mo." I assured her. "Mafeel mo ba ang attraction nation? I feel that you like me." still assuring her as we walk closer to the hotel.

"Hmmmm. Oo. I like you. Di ko nga alam bakit sumama ako sa 'yo now." She hinted her doubts.

"Eto siguro ang sinasabi na fatal attraction. Kanina I was enjoying our coffee. I was staring at your face. Your body. Your breasts."

"Hahaha. Napansin ko nga." she confirmed. "Minamaniac mo ako." she was easing out.

"Hahaha. Its not my fault. Kahit sinong lalaki makakita sa kagandahan mo magiging maniac."

We were entering the hotel lobby now. And I can see the eyes of some guys in the hotel. Staring at Ms. A, admiring her beauty. She looks tall in her stilleto and her legs made her even taller. Proud of moment of my life. Inggit lang sila. Hahaha.

"Natatawa ako sa mga lalaki dito." I told her as we walk inside the elevator. "Kasi they stare at you na parang hinuhubaran ka."

"Hahaha," she laughed as her face turns red.

"Kiss me again," I told her as the elevator door closes.

She obliged easily.

Kissing a woman is an art that needs to be learned. Turo sa akin ni Ms. W. Women don't like torrid kissing when they are not yet hot. No tongue during the first part of the foreplay.

I was kissing her lips softly as the elevator goes up. My hands in her waist caressing her. No tongue. Just soft kisses on her lips. My mouth barely open. And she was doing all the kissing. Very good girl.

The elevator opened and we walked towards the room. All his fears gone. All her hesitations vanished. Her body is stiff no more.

"You are a good kisser," as I opened the door. I am pretty sure she was excited from my compliment. She is now proving to me that she really is a good kisser and I was wrong to comment to her that she was not. Me and my assumptions.

We entered the room. Dimmed the lights. She tried to turn on the TV.

"No distractions." I took away the remote. Hold her hands. "Kiss me again."

She kissed my lips. This time she was aggressive

I pulled back. "Slowly. Gently." I was leading the pace. Showing her that I am in control.

She kissed me softly this time. I guided her arms around my shoulders. i slide my hands to her side, slowly passing through her bra, feeling her curves. To her waist. My hands ending up at her bottom. Caressing her. Grasping both her ass. All this happening with my mouth in hers.

Kissing is an art. Foreplay is a skill. And sex is a talent.

"Ang galing mo humalik," as I whispered to her ears. Showing her my appreciation. "Ang bango mo." Reinforcing my affection.

I kissed her neck. Sliding my mouth down to her clavicle. Softly sucking her collar bone. Licking that deep sexy concave in between.

"Uhhmmm." She moaned.

I cupped both her butt cheeks. Pulled her closer to me. Making her feel my hard cock.

I kissed more. Descending to her cleavage. My left hand finding the hook of her purple brassiere. Masterfully releasing them. I slid the straps out her arms until the bra uncovers her breasts.

"Wow, ang ganda." Assuring her senses as I peek inside her dress.

I know women are not comfortable undressing to a stranger. I kept her dress on as I was kissing her breasts. I licked her right nipples gently with a taut tongue.

"Ohhhh. Marc, ang sarap." She moaned again. She was holding my head tighter to her breasts. Lumalalim ng lumalalim ang breathing ni Ms. A. I am sure she is all hot inside.

Dahan-dahan ko inakyat dress niya until I reached her undies. I slipped my hands under her purple lace VS. Squeezing her butt. Feeling the softness. My hands moving around with all intentions of stripping her.

Pababa ng pababa ang undies niya hanggang umabot sa tuhod. Sinandal ko siya sa pader. Inakyat ko right leg nya to take off her panties. I kissed her neck again as I stroked her thigh, up to her rear.

She is completely naked inside. I gently brushed her pussy with the tip of my fingers. And felt the moist in her.

"Basa ka na." I whispered.

"Ohhhh... uhhhmmmm." biting her lips.

Inikot ko siya. Pinaharap ko siya sa pader. Tinaas ko mga kamay niya above her head at hinawakan to pin her and para hindi mababa. I was kissing the back of her neck. I was kissing the back of her neck. My right hand was ru... Read More

Part #: 3

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