Catfish.. 3

December 8, 2013 (4 years ago)
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As her kuya stood up from the chair..
she crawled higher putting her pussy right in my face..
"eat me.. oohh.."
i did what she wanted and ate her pussy.. i licked and sucked every part of it..
"ooohh.. aahh ffuuckk"
She was moaning so hard that her kuya was on the door..
"Yvonne are you ok?"
"i am fine kuya.. uuhhmmppff.. just had a ooohh dream.."
"are you sure?.. will sleep now.."
before she could answer her kuya.. i sucked her clit that made her cum so hard..
"ooohhh shhiittt.. oookk kuyaa take care.. oohh"
"ok are sure.."
"yes kuya i am fine.."
as she pulled my hair away from her pussy, she slid her dripping wet pussy from my mouth.. chest..
towards my hard cock waiting for her next move..
She grinded her wet pussy on top of my cock..
"uuhhmmpp fuck yvonne.."
she grinded faster as i played with her nipples and boobs..
I took her ass.. and opened it a little so i can play what is in the middle of it..
"don't do that.. i think i am ready for your cock.."
She kneeled on top of me and played my cock in her clit..
"uuhhmmppff ipasok ko na ha.."
she slowly slid in my cock to her pussy..
"fuck ang taba at ang haba.."
she pumped half in..
"oohhh ffuckkkk...."
she pumped the full cock in and shouted
"ooohhhh sssshhiitt.. fuck ang sarap"

Her kuya rushed to her door again when she heard her shout..
"Yvonnee ayos ka lang ba dyan.. baka namulikat ka na naman.."
She grinded on my cock as her kuya was banging on the door..
"oohh ffuckk.. sshiitt kkuuyyaaa i am fine.. aaahhh."
"Are you sure?"
she grinded faster as she answered her kuya..
"Fucckkk.. kuyyaa yyeesssss... yyeesss.. ffuckk..i am fine.."
"ok.. will sleep now.. you'll be fine later"

Her kuya left..
"oohh ffucckk your kuya might come in here.. aahh ffuckk"
"he won't.. just fuck me hard Justin oohh ffuckk.."
 i let her lay on me full body as i kiss her lips torriddly and fuck her with gusto..
"oohh ffuckk oohh ffuckk ssshiitt yvonne.."
"ffuckk.. uuuhhmmpp.. fuck me faster.. u... Read More

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