Catfish.. 2

December 5, 2013 (4 years ago)
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It was 4 am and we have not stoppped kissing under the moonlight outside of her house..
My tongue was constantly fighting with her tongue as my hands was looking for something to play with,
my hand went in her shorts straight to her pussy area, it was shaved and wet..

"ooohhh Justin stop... ssshhiitt nsa labas pa tayo.. oohhh"
"why don't you love what i am doing yvonne"
She took the keys from her pocket and open the gate, we went in and started kissing again while my hands was soaking wet in her pussy.. I was breathing and kissing her neck while she tells me..
"ooohhh my kuya will be home soon.. enough games.." she took my hands of her pussy and gently walked to her room..
"be quiet my mom is sleeping upstairs.." as we walked hand in hand in her room at the first floor

We kissed lightly as we shut the door.. the room was only illuminated by a night lamp..
are shadows reflect the ecstacy we feel..
my hands was on her waist going up to her back as i unhook her bra..
She raised her hands and took her top and bra off.. as i was amazed on her hard pink nipples..
We kissed torridly again as i was smoothly pulling down her panty and shorts..
I squeezed her butt as i trace her neck with my tongue going to her breast..
She made her move by unzipping my pants and caressing my cock in my underwear
"ffuucckk ang taba.."
She pushed me hard towards the bed..  fully naked biting her lower lip..
"my turn justin.. let me have fun with you.."
She kissed and licked my inner thigh as she caresses my cock..
"oohhh ffuucckk ang taba"
she licked and sucked my cock outside my underwear before she used her mouth to pull it down..
she sucked my cock head as she gently pulls down my boxers..
the more the boxers went down the more she sucked.. she sucked fully my cock enjoying every inch of it in her mouth..
She gave me a deep throat and gagged for awhile..
she released my cock and licked it one more time before she licked and sucked my balls..
she even played with it inside her mouth using her tongue while it was in her mouth..
"uuhhmm damn yvonne that was good.. ooohh.."
She masterbated me as she licked my balls..
she then suck me harder and even licked my cock head like she wanted me to cum..

Suddenly the door to her house swang open, a pause of silence came across both of us..
as her kuya went inside the dining area and fixed coffee and breakfast..

"be quiet he must no... Read More

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