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October 10, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Men...., men...
   Do you believe some girls are faking orgasm right on your nose?  If so, how can you tell she's not into faking?  U can google alright!, but somehow experience will tell us otherwise? 

   And if she's faking it and, u can't tell she was... then she'll walk away with the folly... she's kinda cheating isn't it?

   So, how is it?

   In Chito-Neri 2 at least Neri is audible she's orgasmic. [3x  as i see it?]

   [ from my observation.... i musterbated a girl.... she gotta real red blush all over her cheek down to her chest just before the cleavage.  her senses are nowhere for few seconds... and her "pempem" (to borrow from harryjamespotter vocabularies) are red and sore... she held my hand as if its quite well enuf... then we kissed]

   Pls.... share your experiences....

   Ladies...pls enlighten us.... is it true some girls were reall... Read More

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