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April 28, 2014 (4 years ago)
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It was a tuesday... around 4am.
I was chatting with with an FB friend who happens to be working in abs-cbn.  A company I used to work for.

While we where chatting I told her I that I "liked" the groups she was "in" at fb. 
The likes of  "LAHAT NG MALIBOG SUMIGAW!!", "NID`ka`SEX`wlang`hiyaan" and "sop,sexmate,seb, callmate  at globe user come and join"...

Then she replied that they where boring. And so I suggested to her two of the goups I was currently active on " I said". And copy pasted these:
http: //
Writings about Sex Stories, Confessions, Sex Tips, Sex Related News, Blogs, Sexy Text Messages,...

Then, I continied to tell he that,  "there's a chat forum there plus,
you may want to install the app and then chat with pinoys here and abroad. their both active". 
I said.

"Ill try them. Maybe tom" she hesistatly replied.
Please do, I told her and then she replied by saying "seems to be interesting huh".

"Why did you say, it seems to be  interesting?" I asked.
Then she replied "from the title itself. though i didnt open the link yet.
Im just using a mobile now."

I followed by typing "you may chat naman sa mobile sa camfrog"
"Maybe tom. Ill try it" she replied.

As a last note I said "sure. just buzz me up so i can add you up."
And my conjucture was - "sleep ka na! late na!"

And so it thought that was the end of it. Until her reply came along. 
And we all know what happend next,  when we see this...

"I can't seem to  sleep, I'm just Lying on my bed. Not yet sleepy eh." She said.
Then I figured... go ahead man! straighten the long overdue (adult) conversation.
And so I mustered my senses...  and then typed "just lying?"

Then she said "yah. why? how bout you? what are you doing?"
Then I replied, with all honesty "just reading".

Which was what I was actually doing while chatting with her.
Then her response was "reading. bookworm huh." "so what have you read? care to share?"

And so I posted the link in our Fb message box:
(indulgence to the author of the story and to case subjects in the story). 

Then she said "oh interesting" what about?" Then our conversation went like this.

Me: this girl hooking up with her fubu and another girl who's willing to take their video as they do the deed.
Her: oh such a wild girls huh.
Me: actually, the girl who posted the story met the guy in that site as well. so, their just sharing their sexcaped"
Her: oh. such a wonderful sexcapade then.
Me: yup. and it happend just a month ago. i think
Her: their both members of the room?
Me: Yes! and I'm actualy still reading.

And then I followed by saying:
"I guess. i'll try to sleep in a while. I'll just read some more, sana antukin ako."

The she said.
Her: cuming is one of the best ways to put one to sleep. you should try it.
Me: oh yes. your right.
Her: so you agree?
Me: Definetly! and then I guess lo and behold, the ice that sunk the titanic finally broke!

So in my right senses I tried to continue.
Me:how often do you touch yourself then?
Her: almost every night. its my sleeping pill.
Me: almost... mmm. same here.
Her: now, im begging to like you.
Me: haha

I actually heard an evil laugh inside my head. Aside from the erotism-fueled thoughts trying to escape my weary mind.

Me: I'll just do it in a while. Ikaw when do you usually do it?
Her: usually before bed time. sa weekend as soon as  I wake, up.
Then tulog ulit. Then wake up about lunch time.  But if  I feel like doing it again,  I do.
And then do some more. That's why I love weekends...  She continued.

I was thinking.. syet gusto ko na mag-weekend. Damn me and my thoughts!

Then I typed. So paano? Paano mo ginagawa?
Then her reply was.
"sometimes, I just use my imagination, think of the people i've chatted with...,
their sexperience" then she continued.
"tell me yours..."

Me: you know, just ordinarry stuff.  And stuff other people liked aswell.
Like a while ago when I did it. I thought of this story posted by another girl, who, did it to herself in their office's bathroom 'cause she could take the heat anymore.

Her: oh just like me. Cause I havent had sex life for almost five months now.
Me: why no bf?
Her: yes. im pretty much single. DIY lang. Selfie-selfie.
Me:  you should buy a toy.
Her: I have one.

Me: another time I did it twice in one go, cause I was soo turned on by a chatmate who told me, she needed to buy another vib. cause its so "gamit na gamit". Those kinda things turn me on
Her: haha like mine. lol! super horny people
Me: WTF, dont tell. me, your's is "gamit na gamit" din?
Her: not naman super. gamit lang!

Me: like how gamit? daily? what's it? vib o dildo?
saan galing?

Her: not naman daily. usually during weekends or when im not tired from work.
Its a vib. a friend of mine gave it to me. sometimes im using wine bottle or just my finger.
Me: wine bottles? thats interesting...  So sino nagbigay?  a friend? guy o girl?
Her: a girl.
Me: wow. and she has one too?
Her: yes!  and she taught me how to use it.
Me: really? like over the phone? a demo or what?
Her: even the wine bottle thing. she was also the one who taught me. a demo.
I watched her while she was doing it.
Me: WTF! Now im horny. Where you watching her infront of you? Myggodness  I cant even type well now.
"i have to do it now", "i'm just letting you know!"
Her: then do it now.
Me: bestfiend ba ito? she did it infront of you?
Her: yes. my bff.

Me: Cant you talk? Can you tell me this over the fone?
Her: I cant do it with you now, I have a sister in the room.
Besides, I'm only using my mobile.  And yes she did it front of me and she also tried it on me.

Me: two horny girls in a sexual predicament.. thats kinda every living man's fantasy.
Anyway,  did she try the thing on you? like putting the damn thing in your love hole?
Her: she's the one holding it. We share those things together. Yes She's actually guiding me.

Me: (in almost, well almost...  in total disbelief, continued by saying)
Motherfuck,  I'm gonna call you when you get tothe office tom and I have to hear it from you.
Where is she now? Where your legs spread while she inserts the vib?

Her: In her house. I think shes already sleeping.
Me; did you cum?
Her: fck yeah!
Me; what a nice site to behold.
her: legs were super spread. I actuallt came twice coz she's so good.
Me: just the thought of both of you....naked. My gad! where you guys both naked?
Was she the one doing the in and out motion to you?
Her: Yes. We were.  Its our bonding time you know. It felt soooo good. Its like a real sex.

Sa loob-loob ko... 
I cant seem to imaginge a girl holding the vib for another girl...  that must me superly erotic.
Then I continued to ask her.

Me: so, ano position nyo while doin it to you? did you guys kiss? pano yung cum mo saan na punta?
Her: Shes like nakatuwad. We kissed and she sucked my cum.
Me: sucked yourcum?  no way.. cum on... your making that up. please tell me your making that up.
Her:  I did the same thing on her. Shes actually uused her tongue in cleaning my cum.
Me: My gad! If that is true i wanna see it. Yiou should let me see it!
I hope your making that up, otherwise it would be tooo erotic.
Just the though of two filipina girls doin it would make a guy cum!
Her: Haha, its private!  Thats just a secret between me and her. between bestfriends. 

And then she continued: "So.. are you cumming now?"
Me: lapit na! bad ka! Did you sucked her clit?
Her:  Yes I did. I even inserted my tongue inside her pussy.
Me: OMG!  You did? how did it feel? did she do that to you too? fck your making my dick drip!
Her: It felt soooo good. Her pussy was sooo hot. She's my sex guru.
Im lying while my legs are super spread. She kissed my pussy first, licked it to make it wet, 
before she inserted the vib inside me.
Me: fcuk!  On that note I have to make myself cum right now. tell me what happend next?

Her: then I usually reliease wild moan  and  then I squirt.
Me: tell me your making that up.. you squirt?
Her: Yes I do. I actually do!
Then, a minute or two passed.  I wasnt' able to reply. But when I did.

Me: fck you just made me cum.. when you told me you squirt and confirmed it.
And I actually did came! What the fuck! sarap, tumalsik pa sa chest ko near sa nipples.
Lakas. Sarap! Fuck!

Then she  continued.
"So its your turn. Tell me about your sexperience. The wildest!"

Me: this is not the wildest. but lets just say the most recent
Her: So whats that?
Me: a girl whom I've been chatting with sa
she does shows...  meaning she'll "show" how she fingers herself as watchers in the site see her  
makeing herself cum.
I've seen her twice...  and then got to chat with her with another nick I'm using after that.
Her: Geez that was so cool.

Me: one morning... I was chatting with her and asking technical questions such as camera position and light sources and the likes... so Ishowed her the condo im living in.  She said that I have a nice place...
He: And then?
Me: one converstion led to the next and I told her that I cook. 
So we ended up meeting and bringing her here.

Her: So whats next. How do you started it?
(I kinda felt that she was eager now. Her replies was faster than normal)

Me: Nothing happened here. we didnt even eat hear. I wasnt able to cook. we just had to order. 
I just showed her my laptop and I chatted sa camfrog, sabi eto mga firnds ko and she did as well sa camfrog.
Her: So where did you do it?
Me: Actually, before we even met, we agreed that it'll just a meet-up. no hangky-pangky, It won't be an seb. No sex meet-up, a good old curiousity and adult flirting kinda thing
(well those are like reading between the lines of our conversation).

Her: So you didnt have sex?
Me: and so, she went here, she left. Met another friend  sa ibang lugar and we ended up meeting-up again, this time around at sogo trinoma to have a massage.
That was around 12 am.  So the two therapist came and one thera did her and the other thera did me.
Then I continued: "I brought my laptop then.. and I went online sa camfrog, sya din nag-online after me"

After a while - Now she's the one using the lappy...  when one of the "djs" (there are djs/announcers in the room kasi. Sa room sa camfrog dj would would tell long time members - such as hers you what to do  to entertain others. The dj could also moderate the conversation and  would  direct the activities or the flow of the room).

The dj was telling her to do her thing.
Thisn time, I was on the bed while she was on the table chatting away on the laptop.

And then my FB chatmate replied.
"So your watching her while doing it?"
Me: I changed the channel to an adult one. While I heard the dj telling her to show some more skin.
I just told her  "cge do it na, diba usapan naman walang mangyayari...  di wala na lang pansinan"
Her: Are the two thera still there?
Me: So as she was touching herself sa upper part,  through the towel she was wearing...
oh this time the thers left na. its just the two of us there.
I was on the bed watching good old porn with my towel down my wait lang.

Her: Geez such a horny girl. So while watching. What else did you do?
Me: Sabi nya! And she didnt even look at me....  "walang pansinan ha"  and she started showing a bit of bush sa cam.
Then, sa side ng eyes ko the I kinda saw her,  opening up her pussy lips sa cam, she lifted one leg sa table where the laptop was... ako,  just kept quiet, watching porn and started to touch myself aswell. Pero, thu the towel pa lang. 

Her: Then?
Me: When I heard her moaning and the dj saying a lot of horny stuff over the net... I took of my towel and started jacking-off,  as if I was alone!

I no longer cared.. This time... needed to cum. badly!
Her: How big was your dick then?
Me: And then she saw me.. and then started to finger as well.  My dick was way erected 5 inches in all its steele glory. Her legs was wide spread... as if she was alone too.

Her: Have you seen how many fingers she inserted?
Me: At that point its as if we didn't care.

At this point I got carried away in my own storytelling.  I started to carress my member again.
And then I replied to my FB chatmate's previous querry.
Her: Have you seen how many fingers she inserted?
My reply was - "yes I did!" 
Actually, she was doing it like she alway did when I did watch her sa cam sa camfrog, but now I can see her in the flesh, pleasuring herself infront of me".

Fuck, what a sight to behold!
I hope I can do this with some other girl willing to watch me and to be watch and nothing more!

Then I continued.
Me: Her left hand was spreading her pussy lips and right hand's middle finger doing in and
out to her love hole. Her left foot was nasa ground, her right foot sa table where the laptop was. 
I was like six feet to her right.
Naka-bend ng konti yung laptop na nasa harap niya para sa pussy niya nakatutok yung cam!

Her: You didnt bother yourself touching her?
Me: I asked her  "alam nila na may kasama ka?" and then she replied " di nila alam na pinapanood mo ako"
Her: What was her position then? Who's sila?
Me: Her right foot  was on the table where the laptop was and her other foot was on foot on the floor.
Sila - the other chatters watching her finger-fucking her swollen pussy on cam. She was not literally fucker herself!
Her: Standing position?
Me: no she was slouched on the motel chair.

At this time. I No longger cared! I was overcummed by my own libog.
"Puta ka! Ang libog mo di noh!  sabi ko! Sarap na sarap ka na may nanonood sayo!
Then jacked and jacked and jacked soo hard until I reached a climax! 

Me: I came ahead of her...
Then my FB chatmate replied "Oh. How about you. Whats your position then"
Me: ...and this time i heard her say "fuck you ka.. nauna ka pa sa akin". 
I was lying sa bed my face facing her... Pero my body was  nakaside, nakaharap sa tv infront of the bed. 
But she can easily see im jakcing-off no doubt.
Her: Haha shes so wild. And you made me horny now - sabi ni FB chatmate!

Me: And then I confessed to her. 
I told her...
FB chatmate eplied:  "Confessed what?"

Me: sabi ko while nakahiga pa sa motel bed...
"pinagjakolan na kita twice habang pinapanood kita using my other nick!"
And my camfrog chatmate who was now fingering herself infront of me in the flesh started to put that finger in and out her pussy so fast  that her legs was like being erectricuted. 
"I think that made her cum faster!"

Then my fb chatmate replied in our text box.
"Haha she love dirty words pala huh."
Me: I think from hindsight... the fact that somebody actually lured her in meeting up cause that person fantasized about her masturbating excited her.
Her: So wala talagang nangyari sa inyo?
Me: and then she said "shit ka! ang gago mo,  maniac ka din pala!"
But I sensed she said that with deciteful eroticism... 
She was wickedly turn-on na may gustong mag-maniac sa kanya.

Her: Then what happend next?
Me:  She said.... fuck, fuck, fcuk... fcuk.... syet lalabasana nak ako. fuck...  syet! ka..........
Then, nanginig na sya like she always did sa cam before. But now kakita ko na sya dyan sa harap ko just six feet way cuming... so sinabayan ko na sya at nagjaok na din ako ng mabilis... until...
Fuckk,,,,,,, puta ang sarap! Tangal lahat ng libog ko!

then my fb chatmate said. "now what?"
Me: she went to take the shower. I did a third round while she was in the bathroom.
Then I took the shower after her. When I came back sa room she was sleeping.
We respected our own spaces sa bed while sleeping. We both extremely exhausted I suppose.
When we woke up. We just had a few groping.... No cuddling...
I stared to kiss her breast.. then sabi nya bite mo ako!  While rolling around then bed wildly!

But we didnt continue. 
Sabi nya "ano gagwin natin?" 
Almost begging for an answer that we should continue....  as if unsure, and then I said,
" diba we said no sex" and then I told her, "I'll respect what we have agreed upon".
Then,  she said "cge!". 

At this time it was about 5am while me and my Fb chatmate was continiously
chatting away our sexperience sa FB chatbox. Then I continued.
Me: So we stopped. With the gigil hanging inside of us.
It ended like that. We went out of the motlel room, gave each other a pek on the cheek, a hug. 
And then left to ward the elevator.

Then my FB chatmate followed with a question.
Her: Tapos u... Read More

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