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Bus Stop

July 24, 2014 (3 years ago)
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My bus pulled away from the bus stop as I rounded the corner. Damn? I said top myself. At least there was a bench and still warm in the July twilight. A man  was sitting at the far end of the bench and his face hidden behind the newspaper he was reading. I looked at my watch, the next bus wasn't due for 20 minutes. I wasn't in any particular hurry but I sighed, already bored.

I looked casually at the man on the other side of the bench, The tip of his head is the only thing visible. He had wavy dark brown hair. His clothes and bearing indicated he's not from here as I am. I glanced around and looked again at my watch, 15 minutes more. I wished that he put his paper down so I could see his face.

I coughed and the paper rattled but did not lower, I wasn't used being ignored. I looked at the hands holding the paper, they were well cared for, rather large and deeply tanned. Large hands, large penis was that it? or was it large feet, large penis? Was I thinking about penis because I hadn't had any in months?

Suddenly, he lowered the paper and looked directly at me. The eyes that met mine were dark and unreadable in the dusk. It was not a handsome face but rugged with a sensuous mouth. For a melting moment I fantasized his mouth on mine, our tongue's touching. He couldn't have been more than 40. For an intense instant I held my breath then he went back reading, his face diasappeared again. My breathing resumed slightly faster than before.

How rude, he didn't even smile but then neither had I. For that second I had felt riveted by his penetrating eyes...Penetrating! Why was that word to describe his look? As I said to myself, I feel warmth between my legs, I was definitely aroused. What was it about this silent, unfriendly man that turned me on?

I allowed myself to imagine him aroused, his penis beautifully large and hard. The thought made me squirm on the bench and crossed my legs. There were fewer people and practically no cars passing by. I decided to give in to one of my recent fantasy...secretly touching myself in a public place. I shifted my backpack, putting it across my lap. I pressed my hand cautiously between my thighs. I barely suppressed a moan.

I increased the pressure of my fingers, never taking my eyes from the paper. When the paper rustled, I jerked my hand back, my face hot. I had an insane desire to laugh at my reckless behavior. Once more, all was silent, I squeezed my thighs together. An almost audible oh escaped my lips. I opened my legs wider, keeping my hand under my bag. I slid a finger on the left side of my shorts and put it on top of my panties, imagining the stranger's cock rubbing over me, caressing me, trying to find it's way into my pussy. I clamped my lips tightly to stifle a groan.

My entire hand was in my panties, two fingers caressing my pussy. I stretched my legs out and leaned back on the bench. I still wanted to see the man behind the paper, to feel, suck and fuck, his cock ramming in, pulling out, in, out. My fingers quickened their thrusting...just one more minute and I would come. As my orgasm crept up my shaking legs, I chanted silently...fuck, fuck, fuck! I closed my eyes at the intensity of my climax.

When I opened my eyes, I saw my bus less than half a block away. The object of my fantasy was... Read More

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