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Do you want to be a poet and write?
Do you want to be an actor in lights?
Do you want to be a soldier and fight for love?
Do you wanna travel the world?
Do you wanna be a diver for pearls?
Or climb a mountain and touch the clouds above.
Be anyone you want to be,bring your fantasies to life.
But I want something in return.

i want you to burn,burn for me baby!
Like a candle in my night.
Oh burn.
Burn for me,burn for me.

Are you gonna be a gambler and deal?
Are you gonna be a doctor and heals?
Or go heaven and touch God's face
Are you gonna be a dreamer who sleeps?
Are you gonna be a sinner who weeps?
Or an angel under grace.

I'll lay down on your bed of coals,
offer my heart and soul.
But in return;I want you to burn.
Burn for me baby.Like a candle in my night.

Oh burn,burn for me.
Burn for me.

Ooooh...I want you to burn baby!
Lie for me.
cry for me
Pray for me,
lie for me.
Live for me,
die for me.

I want you to burn,
burn for me baby.
Like a candle in my night.

Oooohh...burn,burn for me!
Burn for me..
Yeaaaahh...aaahhh yeeeaah!

I want you to burn,I want you to burn for me,baby.
Ooohhh...Burn for me

When I first heard this in the 90's on radio nice tune,nice voice.But when I saw her on video,in water chest deep then her herself with a blue fielded sky strip she was sexy to me differently.She would give everything body and soul to her lists of questions and answers.All you have to do is be her candle bur... Read More

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