Breakfast for Two

August 27, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Years later and her face remains fresh in my mind, the white triangle clean against her upper thighs, even in the shadow of her minidress. It was mid-morning in a coffee shop near Ateneo; she sat two tables away, lost in eager talk and laughter with her friends.

She had let her knees idle apart just a little, but the angle was right and the morning light perfect; my breakfast was a cup of coffee, a bagel with cream cheese, and a pair of white cotton panties.

Or rather, a freshly-showered pussy snug against that sliver of fabric. I wondered as I sipped my coffee—how must she smell like? Fresh from the shower? Or sweet with that familiar aroma, having sat through Katipunan rush hour traffic? How must she taste like between her inner lips? Would she moan or sigh if I dipped my tongue into her?

I will never know. She caught my eye, looking up her dress, but I couldn’t turn away. She smiled the smallest of smiles and allowed me a few more seconds before she adjusted her position on the couch.

Those few seconds remain between us now, years later. It will always be with me—her panties, her pussy, and that secr... Read More

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