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I opened my eyes. I couldn't see a thing. My eyes were blindfolded. And I'm not wearing a single stitch of clothing! I tried to move my arms from above my head to remove whatever was covering my eyes, only to be met with a tug at my wrists where they were captured and pulled to each corner of the bed. I attempted to move my legs and couldn’t move them an inch. They were tied tightly to the corners of the bed like my hands were.

Oh. That explains a couple things. Funny how I didn't feel my hands and feet were tied when I woke up. "Hello? Is anyone there?" I didn't hear a reply but I can sense someone was in the room with me.

I jumped when I felt something cold sliding up the inside of my leg. It was soft, but firm, smooth to the touch and maybe no larger than a quarter. It disappeared for a moment before I felt a soft tap where it was just a moment ago before it continued it’s slow caress up my leg and thigh.

Another tap, just above my knee and a little harder this time, giving it a light sting. Further up; the middle of my thigh, and even harder than the last, making me jump. I could feel the flush creeping across my skin despite the coolness of the air around me. The torturously slow crawl of that small piece of leather up my leg only resulted in another smack, this one on the edge of my hip. The smack itself was hard, sharp against the silkiness of my skin and made me gasp, the pain sending shivers up my spine.

"You like that, don't you?" I heard a deep male voice say.

A moan escaped from my lips amd he chuckled. "My dirty whore."

I almost shook where I was on the bed as he pulled the leather from my skin, taking his time before I felt it again, on the ankle of my other leg this time. The process repeated thrice more and each cycle had more frequent and harder smacks.

My heart was racing and my breathing was labored as I squirmed and twisted in my bindings. I was sensitive. Oh so sensitive, and I had a feeling he knew it. I could feel the pure wet heat between my legs and smell the sex in the air, mostly my own as I waited in agony.

The bed between my feet dipped, and I felt his hands rest lightly on my ankles. They caressed and rubbed my skin gently, following the same path that the smacks had earlier. When they came to rest upon my hips, I felt his hot breath at the inside of my left thigh before his soft lips pressed firmly against my skin. He left kisses along the inside of both of my thighs for a few moments before I finally felt a soft kiss against the lips of my pussy. His tongue darted out to taste the juices coating my lips. I was already shaking with need as the flat of his tongue ran up my slit, collecting the juices slowly escaping.

Oh his tongue teased and prodded at my sensitive skin for a moment longer before he slipped it between my slick folds to thrust it slowly into my waiting pussy. I moaned softly as I finally got what I had been anticipating - his tongue thrusting slowly into me before it started to explore the deepest and darkest nooks and crannies.

My hips pressed up, urging him deeper and harder, my entire body aching with the desire to cum. His tongue slowly made its way from my pussy before it was replaced with a single finger. It twisted and thrusted and dug inside of me until it was soon replaced with a second, then a third. The thrusts gained speed and depth, driving me closer and closer to my first orgasm. His tongue pressed against my clit, flicking and rubbing while his teeth and lips nibbled and sucked the hardened nub. My moans grew louder. I felt myself tense around his fingers as I edged closer and closer to my orgasm. He must have noticed too because his fingers were quickly replaced with his tongue again with his fingers moving to pinch and tug on my clit instead. The thrusting of his tongue and the pinching of his fingers against my clit finally pushed me to my breaking point, a loud moan followed by a scream and a growl as I came around his tongue. My sweet pussy juices flooded his tongue and coated his chin, but he did not stop there. His skillful fingers and tongue drove me to another violent, body quaking orgasm, causing more screams and moans t... Read More

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