Borrowing Someone's Mistress

July 23, 2012 (5 years ago)
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On my way to Manila, I sent a text message to this girl whom I shall call Anne.
Sent a text saying "I'm on my way to Manila. What are your plans for tonight?"

Background: I'm not really sure exactly how I met this girl online... I think she responded to one of my "for sale" ads and added me in her YM list. Then as clever as I am, I browsed her profile on these social networking sites. And hmmmnnn.....Pwede!

I can't really remember, what she inquired about at first... What I can remember is that one time she asked for my name. And I gave her my usual
"The name is Bond..."
"...James Bond..."
" day..."
"...and by night they call me BADONG!"

And she responded with the usual: "Hahahahaha! Talaga lang ha?!"

That's how it all started... I saw her status in the social networking site that says "complicated". And I told her "I like complicated people... Parang relo na made in Japan lang yan..."

She works as an online customer care agent. And every now and then when I stay up late at night working on the internet, I usually catch her on YM.

Her: "Aside from selling stuff...what else do you do?"
Blade: "I'm a fortune teller..."
Her: "Hahahaha!"

Through YM chat, I found out that she was involved with a married man...So I said: "That's really cool! Ako nga mas gusto ko pang kumabit-kabit nalang eh. Mas enjoy!"
She said: "Hahahah! Sira!"
Me: "Well, kapag ang babae gusto ng away, o kaya gusto ng drama, kanino siya pumupunta, sa number 1 o sa number 2? Siyempre sa number 1!"
Me: "Pupunta siya sa number 2 kapag gusto niyang mag-enjoy o kaya mag-loving-loving...Di naman siya pupunta sa number 2 kung away lang ang hanap niya di ba? Papel ng mga number 1 yan."
Her: "Hahahah! Oo nga noh?! Galing mo talaga!"
Me: Siyempre! Idol ko yata si Lito Lapid!

and many of those non-sensical, funny, rubbish stuff...

I found it easy to open up to her, talking about sex and stuff...

Me: "Ako at one time, wala yung husband ng GF ko... She called me to go to her place...I really don't like the idea of having sex in her bedroom while her husband suddenly turns up and find us naked with a shot gun in his hand..."
Her: "hahahah!"

So, through chat, we exchanged stories about our sexcapades and stuff...and we had fun doing it. I bet she gets wet when she reads some of my really horny stories...

I never felt that talking about sex is such a big deal...Thus, she felt completely comfortable sharing her experiences with me.

Her: "Nadestino nga trabaho niya sa Cagayan...kaya halos 1month na kaming di nagkikita..."
Me: "Naku! Ayoko na yan...mas tuyo pa yan sa daing! Baka maalat pa...
Her: "Uy hindi noh! Baka pag natikman mo...hanap-hanapin mo...hahahah!"
Me: "Grrrr! Kagatin kita jan eh!"
Her: "Heh!"

So there I was exchanging text messages in between breaks while I was in the seminar...

Me: Di ko masyadong alam ang mga puntahan diyan sa Makati. Di ko alam kung may Sogo ba diyan o Anito... You have to show me around.
Her: "Hahaha! Text me nalang kapag papunta ka na..."
Me: Nandiyan nako sa labas ng bahay niyo.
Her: Sira! Napatingin pa ako...Di mo alam saan bahay namin! Hahah!

9pm.. I had to say goodbye to the guys...

She texted...

Her: "Malayo ka pa ba? My friends are asking me to see David Archuleta and David Cook in concert...
Me: "I'm on the train already heading to Makati..."

Truth is, I'm just about to leave the building in Roces St...I got on the train and hop off at Ayala. I went to the Outback Steak house and texted her. I already had a couple of Mojitos and a very sumptuous meal, when after 15mins she arrived. Hmmmnn...She's a bit shorter than I expected. But she's cuter in person than in the pictures...And those boobs! Are they real?! Those titties were mezmerizing...

We had a couple more drinks...and after that... My head is pretty much blurred by alcohol...Can't remember the details of the things we did and the things we talked about...I'm sure we talked about her boyfriend...and stuff like that...

All I can remember is that, we went to Gilligans', then to Malate at Bedrock, and a lot of Kino in between...lots of laughter...By 2am we were making out in the club...So I said, let's get out of here...She said "I know a good place..."

We hailed a taxi. She said "Pasong Tamo". I really didn't know where she's taking me, so I presume we're thinking of the same thing.

We stopped at EuroAsia in Pasong Tamo. All rooms are taken except for one two single beds room. So I took it for the night...

When we were there in the room. That's when things got weird...

She said "Pagod nako. Matutulog nako. Jan ka sa kabilang kama. Dito ako..."

I was thinking "OK...Here we go again...LMR busting time...."

I went to take a shower, and got back out with the towel around my waist.

She was there, lying on the bed looking at my naked body.

I said: "Ayaw mong mag-shower?"
She said: "I took a shower before I left home"
Me: "Come here..."

I took her hand and smelled her neck..."Oo nga...nagshower ka na nga..."

I looked straight in her eyes... then down to her lips, and went for it...

Alas! She turned away!

I thought to myself "No...I've been through this before...I can smell it! This is going to happen now!"

I held her face and puller her towards me, planted my lips to her lips and my right hand inside her pants...

And like worked! She was kissing me back and stroking the front of my crotch...

I took off her pants with her panties...and then her shirt came off...My goodness! Those boobies are real alright...The f... Read More

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