Bored Wife's Confession (The Movie House) 2

November 24, 2013 (4 years ago)
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The next morning, I left the house after giving instructions to a caretaker. After an hour, I reached the said theater – an old, decrepit movie house that is in need of repair.

Paying up for the text, I bought a popcorn and a drink, went to the balcony and sat at the seat where I was told. The movie was a 70s action flick. The movie bores me so I looked around the place. In the orchestra section almost all seats are occupied while there are only twenty viewers in the balcony moviegoers, some sitting in pairs while others sit alone. I noticed a guy talking with another man. Later I saw in the dimness of the place his head bobbing up and down while the man watched on nonchalantly. Another guy was standing near the stairs to a woman fondling each other then I saw him pull her blouse up and suck her tit while fingering her under her skirt. Then the woman pulled his arms and sat at the far end of the balcony.

Now I realized this place is a haven for a sex trade. My heart beat rapidly and tried to stand up but I was too weak due to fright or excitement when a middle aged guy wearing a sando and cargo shorts came to me and asked if it’s ok to sit beside her. I told him he cannot because I am with someone. He apologized and went to another row of seats. Another one came and did the same thing but I dismissed his advances. I was beginning to feel uneasy when a guy wearing a school uniform approached me. This was the last straw. Once he asks me, I will call off the plan and leave at once.

“Hi ate, pwede ka ba?”

“I’m sorry…I’m waiting for my boyfriend…”

“I am your boyfriend!” he said, sat beside me, grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me hard while he pulled my panties on one side under the skirt and started fingering my pussy. Then he pulled my shirt exposing my breasts licking and sucking the nipples as he knelt in front of me. I can’t see clearly his face so I panicked, thinking he’s a rapist.

“Teka…tekaahh!...sino ka ba?”

“Shhh! Wag ka masyadong maingay…ako ito…si caller!” he whispered. I knew it was him due to his husky voice.

“Teka, teen-ager ka pa lang ah! Bakit ka nakapasok?”

“Mukhang bata lang ako. I showed them my driver’s license naman eh. Sige na atehh, I’m so horny for you since I called you for the first time! Let me fuck you na!”

I looked around. Despite the commotion I caused, it seems they don’t mind at all. At first they look at us for a minute but in the end they just mind their own business.

Even if my caller has a license, he is still a teen (or looks like one). In any case I don’t want to get involved with the law in case I am caught in this compromising situation.

He’s become more desperate everytime I try to push him away. Until I feel something hard ramming my soft wet pussy until he successfully entered the head of his shaft. And he did it with my skirt and panties on. Right there and then, I orgasmed.

“Ohhh…unghhh…wag…bakit mo ginagawa ito…?

“Shhh…relax…just sit there and enjoy the movie…”

He slids his cock inside slowly while his other hand covers my mouth and the other hand mashes my breasts. As he pushes I could feel his cock reaching the very insides that really juices me out. I could hear the sound created by our wet genitals every time he fucks me fast.


“Oohhh…ohhh…ang sarap mo ate…ang init ng puki mo…ang dulas pero ang sikip ahhh…Ilan na ang anak mo?”

“Tat-tatlo naahhh…bakit?”

“Umph! Umph! Umph! Wow…kahit may anak ka na ang sikip pa rin ng puki mo…hindi halatang may asawa ka na…”

At that point I think he was just saying that. Unless he prefers chubby women, the Manilyn Reynes type. Anyway I don’t care if he really likes me or not all I know is that he is a good fucker, and is making my pussy cream a lot in his shaft. I lost count how many times I cum. But this kid I still pounding me hard. Then suddenly he fucked me really fast and held my waist.

“Ateehhh! Um! Um! Um! Ayan naah…ayan na ahkooo!”

He put my legs on both sides of the armrest and whimpered like a hurt puppy. I realized his cock was squirming inside, his cock cumming and filling my cunt with his young hot sperm. Luckily I’m ligated now so there’s no fear of having another baby. My legs quivered as I came again.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Yess..yess…yess…cum inside me…ohhh!”

Catching his breath, he laid on my breast then sucked each nipple greedily while he rested. Then he stood up and sat beside me. Luckliy, the movie ended so the lights went on for an intermission. Right there I saw his features: a 20-year old young man, wearing a casual dress. 5’7”, with a facial feature akin to Daniel Padilla except he is wearing horn-rimmed glasses.

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