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November 25, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I used to swim in the condo swimming pool everytime i get to go home early from work. This was usually  around 4pm and the pool area is empty most of the time. 

One time, i got home at around 4:30pm and no one was around. I ate meryenda and called the admin office to ask if the pool is open and to secure a pass that i'll be picking up on the way there.

After i changed to my board shorts and shirt, yes i dont usually wear underwear na pag mag swim dun kasi wala namang tao, the front door opened and to my surprise, it was Jessa. 

Jay: o san ka galing and nasan si mama?

Jessa: Galing po ako sa grocery, si mama nyo po nasa meeting.

Jay: sige.. wala ka naman gagawin ngayon diba? Samahan mo nalang ako sa penthouse, mag swimming ako.

Jessa: ok sige po sunod nalang ako, ayusin ko lang po itong ginrocery.

so i went to the pool and, as usual, im alone again. After maybe 10mins, i heard someone walking down the hallway to the pool area. Si Jessa. She was wearing a light pink, cotton pekpek shorts, a white shirt and her towel that was hanging around her neck. 

I really didnt notice she was wearing a baby blue string bikini top until she placed her towel near my phone on the table beside the pool. I asked her to jump right in since it was already passed 5pm then and mama might go home.

And as she was walking to the pool stairs, she was still wearing her shirt, i told her to just remove the shirt since no one is around and so that she can wear it again when we go back to our unit.

She obliged and hurried back to the table to take her shirt off. As she did that, i stood there fixated, chills went down my spine as i saw her smooth, sexy back.
and not too long, she turned to face me and slowly went in the pool. Her bouncy breasts jiggling as she hurried. Damn, i said to myself as i felt my cock stiffen in my shorts

Jessa: *brrrr* ang lamig naman!

Jay: haha! Lumublob ka muna tapos lika dito malapit sakin.

As she bobbed up, she drew her hair back with her hands. She didnt notice that her left boob was now exposed infront of me. I didnt really tell her yet, syempre i like what im seeing eh? So why would i stop it kagad. 
She noticed i was looking at her boob and before she even moved, my hand pulled her bikini to cover the exposed boob.

Jay: ay nagalaw yung bra mo! *patay mali kunyare*

Jessa: ay oo nga! Salamat..

Jay: walang anuman! Ayan, malamig pa ba? Kasi parang ang init naman diba? *bigla kasi akong nag init*

Jessa: ok naman po. Medyo mas ok na ngayon. *still fixing her top and making the knots tighter*

Jay: akin na tulungan kita ibuhol ng maayos yan.

She went close and turned her back. It was already wet so i was having a hard time trying to tie it nicely. Her ass rubbing against my cock didnt really help and gave me a hard time, literally. 

Jay: teka ang hirap itali nitong sa taas, yung baba muna unahin ko. *i just placed the untied bikini strings on her shoulders*

Jessa: naku.. wag na po kasi a... *upon hearing that, i cut her short and*

Jay: ah wag na ba? Ok sige.. *i didnt tie the bottom strings aswell*

Then i pulled her top off. 

Jessa: ay! Ano ba yan!

I quickly cupped her breasts from behind and played with her stiff nipples. I kinda noticed it got stiff earlier, maybe coz of the cold water, but it doesnt matter since im gonna make it hard anyway.

Jessa: uhmmmmmm...... hmmmmmmmppp...

I kissed her nape as i was fondling her C cup breasts. She placed her left hand on my head and started playing with my hair while her right hand found its way to my water snake.

She loosened the knots on my shorts and took out my pole. Oh man! Was she good with her hands! So i just had to return the gesture. I took my right hand and dove in her shorts. Hmm.. no undies! 

Jay: wow wala kang panty ha?

Jessa: alam ko naman kasi huhubarin mo din kaya di na ko nag suot nung pumunta ko dito. Hihi! Uhhmmmmmmm!!!!

Naughty ka ha! I thought to myself as i started to rub her clit. Her head now facing upwards and i feel her body trembling. It was my cue to insert my middle and ring finger. 

Jessa: oooohhhhhhhhsssshhh... sarap!!!...

Jay: sshh.. wag ka masyado maingay baka may maka rinig satin dito..

We moved slowly to the edge of the pool near the stairs. I was already completely naked then. So when she sat on the steps and faced me, my cock was already ready for her luscious lips.

She did a wonderful job of sucking my cock that made my hips move and thrust gently to follow her rhythm. I was fondling her left breast while my other hand was on her nape. Damn! I feel like cumming already. But not yet, i have to fuck her first.

I stopped her and as i knelt down, she took off her shorts and spread her legs. I had one leg on my left shoulder and the other on the edge of the pool. She almost screamed when i hurriedly flicked my hardened tongue on her throbbing clit. 

Jessa: UUNNNNGGGHHHH!!!! Sshhhhhhtttt sige paaaaa!

I teased her by licking her slit from her asshole to her clit then alternately kiss her thighs slowly, circling my tongue, inching my way again to her asshole and licking it again up to her clit. She couldnt take it anymore. She grabbed my hair and held my head in place so i could eat her now juicy pussy.

I used my right hand and started to insert my two skillful fingers while i was sucking her clit, my other hand playing with her erect nipple. 

Jessa: ssshhhhhhh!!! Oooooohhhhhhffcccckkkkk!! Sarap shhhtt malapit na kooooo!!

I stood a little and focused on finger fucking her. Fast, deep and merciless! Her body shaking as my hand moved faster and faster. Her breasts jiggling around so i started sucking on one nipple. Then, left out a long, hard, lustful moan as she squirted.

Jessa: uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Hhhhaaaaahh!! Shhhhhht! Shhhhtt shhhhhhhhhhhhhhttttt!!!!!!!

I quickly moved between her legs and inserted my cock while she was still shaking in ecstacy. I can still feel the inside of her pussy pulsating from her thunderous orgasm as i pumped her relentlessly! 

Jay: uhhhnnggg ang.... sarap.. mo.. haaaah haaah! Sikiiiip!!

Jessa: grabe kaaaa!! Aaaahhh!! Ahhhh!! Eto nanamannnnnnnnn akoooo ooooohhhhh!!!!

She screamed as she came, not minding if anyone would hear us or if someone was watching from the nearby condos.

I lifted her up, placed her legs on my arms and started fucking her deep. It was just like katya santos' scene in VHB gone wild video. I really liked that part so i always fantasized of one day experiencing that same situation. 

We were so exposed now to anyone that would come up the pool area but we didnt care anymore. We were so in the moment and the thrill of getting caught even made us more horny.

Jay: meron yatang nanunuod satin dun sa kabilang building. *i whispered to her ear while still pumping*

Jessa: uhhmmmm... saaan? Aaah shhh... aaahh....

I placed her down, faced her to the direction of where i think someone was wat... Read More

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