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September 1, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Boosted Imagination: Jessahi guys, this is my first time to post my share. i've been a long time reader since ***** days, so please bear with me on this...
this is half true and half fiction.. people and events are true except for the naughty parts since mga tumakbo lang naman sa isip kong gawin yun pero hindi ko tinuloy.. kaya ill share it with you guys nalang.. enjoy! comments and suggestions are welcome! be gentle lang ha? hehe!

Some time last year, me and my grandmother moved to a condo in QC. It was enough for me, grandma and 1 maid. Lets call her Jessa. Now, she is not your typical household help. She's from bicol, around 28yrs old, maputi, petite like 5'2, makinis all over even her kili-kili and she's a single mom. She left her daughter with her mom in the province to find work in manila and luckily, namasukan sya samin a few months before we moved to QC from manila.

I was never really attracted to her because i dont like the fact of me screwing around with household help, btw you can call me Jay.. im 5'8.5, around 200lbs and so on.. but then, i noticed that she was quite hot when i saw her wearing a white spaghetti strap and short shorts one time when i went home sa condo. She didnt have a bra on, thats why i noticed also that she has big C cup breasts and light brown nipples.

I stood there fixated for a bit when she opened the door, but she broke the silence when she asked me if ill have dinner.
Jessa: kuya kakain ka po ba?
Jay: sige maliligo lang ako

so i undressed and went to the shower. f*ck! i couldn't get the image of her boobs out of my head and i felt my dick went hard as i was rinsing the soap off my body. I started stroking it a bit, then she knocked on the door saying the food is ready. Thats when an idea came into my mind, i hurriedly asked her to get my towel in my room and give it to me.
Jessa: kuya eto na po yung tuwalya
Jay: sige akin na, bukas yang pinto.
she opens the door and my rock hard dick welcomed her pero i saw that she looked away. She didnt see that i was looking at her face, waiting for a reaction and i wasnt disappointed. She looked at my tool for a good 3 seconds before facing down while handing me the towel, I smirked and she went out.
So what i did now was, i went out to the dining area with just my towel since it was only the two of us in the condo that time. I had a plan in mind. As i started eating, she was watching TV that was behind me and she sitting on a small sofa on my left that is facing the dining table.
Jay: *i dropped a fork* jes, paki kuha naman tapos penge ako ng bagong tinidor
so she stood up, bent down and picked up the fork. She didnt even cover her chest for some reason, giving me a full view of her boobs. So i thought "ahh naughty ka ah.. sige".. After i ate, i stood up went to the room but i didnt get dressed yet. I texted my grandma to check where she was and what time she'd come home.. para hindi ako mahuli sa gagawin ko.. hehe
I went out of the room and saw her cleaning the dishes, her sando got a bit wet from it so mas bumakat pa ngayon yung nipples nya. I went to the fridge to get water kunyare when I dropped my towel on purpose, exposing my hard tool. I can see her eyes try to look at it from the side without her head turning.
So what i did was, i moved closer to her para kumuha kunyare ng baso. Sinasadya kong ikiskis at idikit sa puwetan nya yung alaga ko and that time gustong gusto ko na sya sunggaban. But i controlled myself and held back a bit. Baka pumalag eh, yari ako.

When i was about to put the glass into the sink, i made sure that my arm would rub against her right breast. Ang lambot nito and ang bango nya, napapikit pa sya ng konti and i think i heard her gave out a small sigh. Thats when i knew she's getting into the situation already. I couldnt blame her though, she's been single for the longest time and tao lang sya natitigang din.

i was standing behind her when i grabbed a towel and said...
Jay: oh, nababasa na yung damit mo.. teka punasan ko..
Jessa: ay! kuya! ok lang po, wag na mag bibihis nalang ako pagkatapos.
Jay: ok lang.. baka magkasakit ka pa punasan ko na muna..
she was still telling me to stop pero she didnt do anything as i was trying to dry off her chest with a towel. I could also feel her hips moving and kinikiskis nya nadin sakin habang ginagawa ko to sa kanya. Then i took the towel and rubbed it from her chest to her shoulders down to her arm para masabit yung isang strap ng sando nya. I did the same on the other side and nung hindi sya pumalag, i started to kiss her neck and my left hand slowly grabbing her left boob.

Jessa: ummphhh.. wag... baka mahuli tayo...
Jay: walang makaka-huli satin at walang makaka-alam nito..
...and as i was fondling her let boob and playing with her now hard nipple, my right hand started its way down her short shorts..

Jay: wow shaved ka pala...
Jessa: oo.. ummmppphhhh!! shet ikaw din shaved kaya tuwing binobosohan kita pag natutulog ka, parang ang sarap isubo nito... *while grabbing my dick*
Jay: edi lika, ngayon chance mo na.. *pinaharap ko sya and she quickly knelt down and gave me head*
Jessa: ummmpphhh... slurrrppp...slurrppp... ummm namiss ko sumubo!..ummmppphhh... and di nga ako nagkamali, mabango nga ito... ummmppphhh!! slluurrrrppp sllluuurrrrppp...
Jay: aaaahhhh.. sige ganyan lang ang galing mo pala! ang sarap nyan!
she continued to lick my balls also and after about 10mins of giving me head, i think im about to cum. Thats when i stopped her and carried her to sit on the sink. Sobrang bilis ng pangyayari that she didnt even have time to take off her top at hinayaan nya nalang na naka-laylay yun exposing her beautiful breasts.
Jay: *habang tinatanggal ang shorts nya* shhhht ang kinis din ng singit mo!
Jessa: AAAAHH! saaraaaaaaaaaap nyaaaaaaaaaaan!!! unnggghhhhhhhhh!!!
as i was licking her clit, i inserted two fingers inside her soaking wet pussy.. she was moaning hard and holding my hair while i was moving my fingers in and out while my tongue licking her clit faster and faster as well..

Jay: *sllluuuurrrpppp...ssshhlurrppppp!*
then se came in my mouth, covering my lips and cheeks. But i didnt stop yet, i still continued finger fucking her while i moved to suck on her tits..

Jessa: Uhhhhhhhh!!!! sarap sige ganyan ngaaaaa! uuhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! MALAPIT NANAMAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
she then erupted like a busted faucet! her body shook as she squirted shot after shot after shot making the floor wet with her juice.. And when i felt like she's about to relax after cumming hard, i quickly positioned myself to enter her.. Her legs spread wide open and on my shoulders, while i pumped hard and fast..

Jay: UHHHH UHHHH UHHH!!! sarap mo ang sikip! shhhhhhht!! UUHHHHHH!!!!
*Plol! plok! plok! plok! plok!* the sound our body made while i fuck her brains out on the kitchen sink.. her breasts bouncing around while her eyes are shut tight..

Jessa: HUUHHHHHAAAAAAAA ko... ulitttttttttttttt AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
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