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December 9, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Boosted Imagination: Ella*This story is half true and half fiction. People and places are real but the naughty part is just my imagination*

This happened one gloomy afternoon, i was killing time in her restaurant. 
Ella and her husband have a resto business somewhere in kalayaan, QC.
Its a place where people with the same interest meet every so often because of the ambience and also the tapsilog.

I was sleeping in my car at the parking lot infront of the resto when i was awakened by a bbm message. It was Ella, she sent me a photo of me sleeping!
she told me she passed by to get something lang then went to the grocery. I replied that i'll follow nalang to fetch her sa grocery since umaambon and wala yung car nya dahil coding.

Its not a big grocery so finding her wasnt that hard. For some reason, i stopped a few feet behind Ella when i saw her in an aisle near the noodles area. She was wearing a maong mini skirt and a light blue tube covered by a varsity jacket. I didnt realize that i was staring at her for a long time until my phone rang. Can you blame me? She was a petite morena with a "malaman" body. She looked like a mix between halle berry and maui taylor.

It was Ella calling! 

Ella: huy nanjan ka na pala bakit di mo ko nilapitan?

Jay: ay sorry, gugulatin sana kita kaso naunahan mo ko.. *nag reason out nalang ako*

So she paid for her grocery and as we went out of the place, the rain got a bit worse so we ran to my car. After we put the stuff on the trunk, she quickly got in the passenger seat. I was shocked when i got in coz i saw that she took off her jacket. It got soaked coz she used it to cover herself kanina.

Ella: grabe thanks ha! Buti nalang sumunod ka dito kundi mahihirapan ako makabalik sa resto.

Jay: haha wala yun! Teka here's some tissue, punas ka oh..

And as she did so, i was just watching her. I was getting turned on for some reason. I noticed her skirt rode up a bit dahil sa pagkaka upo nya, medyo napapa-bukaka pa sya sa ginagawa nya. Hmm.. katerno ng top nya yung undies nya. Damn.. im getting a hard on and its showing in my shorts.

Ella: Tara na uy! At mukhang enjoy na enjoy ka sa panunuod mo sakin haha!

I laughed and started the car. When we got to the resto, the rain was pouring hard and with an awful stroke luck, there was no open parking space. So i decided to park a few meters away.

Jay: dito muna tayo.. patila ng konti..

Ella: oo nga sobrang nabasa ako kanina pati bra ko basa!

Jay: naku! Baka sipunin ka.. alisin mo muna kaya? Hihihi! Joke! 

Ella: joke ka jan! Gustong gusto mo naman! Hahaha! 

Jay: di ah! Baka magalit sakin husband mo! Haha!

Ella: malalaman ba nya? *wink* hahaha!

Jay: hahaha loka! Wag ganun!

And before i knew it, she unhooked her strapless bra and removed it. 
I was shocked. I dunno if its coz of the weather or talagang pilya sya but my dick immediately stood up. She was really a tease, she threw me her black bra while laughing hard! Good thing it was raining hard coz i only had light tints on my car.

Jay: hala! Hahaha! Ang laki naman nito!

Ella: partida walang padding yan! Haha! See? 

She turned to me and put her hands on her waist as if to show me her big natural breasts. I couldnt help it, i stared and she didnt mind. I also noticed her nipples getting a bit hard. 

Ella: ok ba? 

Jay: hindi eh.. 

Ella: at bakit? Kanina ka pa nga tumititig jan eh!

I dont know what came over me, I reached over and pulled down her tube top. She was shocked but she didnt stop me.

Jay: yan mas ok na!

Ella: so naniniwala ka nang di ko na need mag padded bra? Hihihi

As i was about to answer her, i reached over and touched her left breast. Damn! I cant believe im groping my friend's wife! But why does it feel so good when its so bad? I cant take it anymore.. lust got the best of me.. bahala na!

So i leaned over and kissed her. She didnt really show hesitation, it was one of the wildest kisses i've had in my life! It was fast, wet and we were both gasping for air when i moved and kissed her cheek, neck then down to suck on her light brown nipple.

She left out a soft moan as if she was waiting for it for a long time. I was so into sucking her nipple that i didnt notice she already took her panties off. Ella grabbed my left hand and placed it on her neatly trimmed bush.

Ella: oh gaaaahd! Play with my clit uhhhhnnggggg!!

Jay: shit you're so wet! Dahil din ba sa ulan to? Hehe

Ella: shut up! Dahil sayo yan! Ahhhhhhssshit ka!

I quickly inserted my middle finger in her tight pussy. I returned to sucking her nipple, alternating on both of them and somtimes circling my tongue around her areola. She was moaning loud! I knew she was nearing heaven so i inserted two fingers and quickened the pace.

Ella: oh shit! Shit shit uhhhhhhh!!!!! Oooohhhhhh!!!!

She was grabbing my hair and her right leg was up in my dashboard. I can feel her body trembling, she was holding my hair tight and moaning really loud without a care if anyone would see or hear us outside.

Then after a few seconds. She shook and gave out a long, hard moan as she squirted all over the passenger seat of my car. 

Ella: Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhgggaaaaaahhdddddddd shhhhhhht! 

Ella: *gasping for air* uuuhhh grabe ka! 

As she let go of my hair, she faced me, smiled and slapped me! But its not like she's angry. But the kind of slap like i've been a bad boy, her bad boy.

Jay: aray ah!! Nabasa na nga yung upuan ko nasampal pa ko?!

Ella: hahahahahaha! Sorry naman i just got carried away! You were so good. Thank you for that..

Jay: so ganun nalang? Thank you nalang?

Ella: you think im done with you? Not yet... Read More

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