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August 11, 2014 (3 years ago)
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First of all, this is the first story I've ever written so please, take it easy on me? Thanks!

My name is Anne, and this happened when I was 16 years old. I was a freshman in a university in Las Piñas and Mark, the guy I gave a "blow out", was a year ahead of me. I'm not the type of girl a guy usually get attracted to. I'm 5'9" and my body's on the chunkier side, so I got really surprised when my classmate approached me and asked me if he could get my number. At first I thought he was the one who wanted it, but then he said that it was his friend instead, which is Mark.

I don't know what's gotten into me, but I gave him my number. Maybe I got pretty excited that a guy has actually asked me. So to cut the story short, Mark and I became textmates, we also hang out in school sometimes during breaks. Now here's the fun part! One day, my mom decided to treat us into a weekend stay at a hotel, but since I have a class I can't miss, I told them to just go ahead and susunod nalang ako after my class.

So I was alone at home that night when Mark texted me. He asked me what I was doing and I told him that I'm just watching TV coz no one's with me. He texted me back and asked me if he could come over so he could keep me company. I said yes. When he arrived, he was unexpectedly very malambing. We haven't really talked. He just told me he wanted to come because he doesn't want me to sleep alone. Haha! What a guy. Then he gave me some sort of an unfamiliar touch. It made me feel hot.

He kissed me. He sucked and play with my tongue then unti-unti niyang hinawakan yung boobs ko. He mashed them gently then used his fingers to trace my nipples. Pinasok nya yung kamay nya sa shirt ko then tinaas niya yung bra so he can play with my twins more freely.

Ako naman, being the horny virgin that I am, my hand made way into his cock. Nung una hinihimas ko lang sa labas ng shorts niya. Nung naramdaman ko na ang laki nya, pinasok ko na yung kamay ko para mas malaro ko yung cock niya na walang sagabal. Nagulat pa siya nung naramdaman niya na hawak ko na yung titi niya.

After that, I positioned myself in between his legs and I removed his shorts. Lumuhod ako sa sahig. Hinawakan ko ulit yung titi niya, ginalaw ko yung kamay ko dahan-dahan then once in a while nirurub ko yung ulo ng titi nya with my thumb. The way he looked at me made me wanna play with him even more. Habang nilalaro ko yung ulo, lumapit ako para dilaan. I started from his balls then I worked my way all the way up. Inulit ulit ko yung pag-dila sa titi nya. Paikot-ikot yung dila ko sa ulo nya then I'm gonna suck it real hard na parang hinihigop palabas yung tamod nya.

I love watching porn kaya may idea na ako kung pano ko isusubo yung titi nya. Sinubo ko dahan-dahan, tapos bigla kong bibilisan tsaka ko sisipsipin ulit yung butas ng titi niya. The more he moans, the more that I wanna tease his cock. Gusto ko pag napapasabunot siya sa buhok ko. Then lumipat naman ako sa balls nya. I licked it one at a time tapos sinubo ko din habang nilalaro ko ng dila ko sa loob ng bibig ko. Napapahawak siya sa ulo ko pag ginagawa ko yun. Nilaro ko lang ng nilaro yung balls nya habang hinahandjob ko yung titi nya. I also gave him a deepthroat but he was kinda big kaya medyo nahirapan ako. Punong puno ng lawa... Read More

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