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April 9, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Best things in life are free
And happiness has a price
Words, only
But A different tune entirely to anyone who reads it

AnD the what ifs.. questions
But really it is an evaluation of choices.. about d mood not the lyrixs

But..what if you gave everything, for free, and got nothing in return..
What if uve sweat and bled, and in return..

So now i say..
Ang pinaka magandnang bagay ay libre..
Libre pagmamahal ng kaibigan, na laging nasa tabi mo
Ahit iniwan mo sila

Ang libre drinks na bigay ng mga kaibigan..
Sa sarap at ginhawa..

G libreng batok nila dahil pinapaalalahanan ka nila
Ang pagsasabihan ka dahil sa mali ang ginawa mo..
Ero suporta sila kahit alam nila na mali un..

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